Is my child sleeping enough?

I have a 2.5-year-old who is a horrible sleeper! For the last year or so, he’s been waking up in the middle of the night anywhere from 1:30-4am. (2-4 nights a week). And he will not immediately go back to sleep. He will just flip, flop around in the bed, play with pillows, kick the headboard/wall etc. he will do this for hours if we let him. (he starts out in his own bed, then wakes up and expects to sleep in my bed). He still needs a nap throughout the day which is about 12:30 pm for about a 1.5 hours or less. I have shortened his rest as of late, but he still wakes up in the middle of the night with them. He has a bedtime routine and also eats a snack before his bedtime routine. He wakes up anywhere from 6am-8 am. How do I get him to sleep all through night? Should I cut out the nap altogether? Is it ok for a 2.5 yr old to be awake 10-11 hours? Please help. Thank you.

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Talk to your child’s doctor about using OTC melatonin.

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My daughters the same way she is also 2.5 years old but does not take a nap during the day. The only way she will sleep through the night is if the room is pitch dark.

All 3 of mine quit napping shortly after 2 and also started sleeping much better at night

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Going through the same thing with my 2 year old. :smirk:

He may not need a nap Is what it sounds like . Also make sure its completely dark , that will help him realize its not time to play

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My son will be 4 in April and I swear this kid barely eats and stays up til 1am or later and is back up around 8am running circles around me :sleeping: his 2 year old sister wakes up around 4am and flips flops screams laughs cries kicks the door plays then passes out again until around 8am. Between the 2 of them I’m beat. Their 1 yr old sister sleeps great from 9 til 6 lol

3 and 4 year old boys here. Neither sleep through night. Never have. They get melatonin nightly and still not a full night. Some kids are like that and one day a switch will go off and they will. Pediatrician isn’t concerned. I’m exhausted but what can ya do. They don’t nap either. I think their brains just never shut down fully


My 3yo is still like this. 2-3 times a week he’s up for hours. I have him come in my bed so he doesn’t wake his sister. He takes forever to fall back asleep. We do rest time, but he doesn’t nap anymore. Hoping one day he’ll grow out of it :woman_facepalming:

Are you feeding him tea , chocolates, candy, anything sweet. That where the problem starts.

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I cut naps at 2 she is fine and healthy all kids are different my oldest needed naps till he was three … give it a try and see how it goes !

Don’t give them any caffeine

This sounds like my son! Try a weighted blanket. Mine got out of bed and was up in the middle of the night a few times a week. Once we got a 3.5lb weighted blanket, he sleeps all night! They also have 5lb blankets. Mine will be 3 in May and his naps are around 3 or later so we been trying to occupy him to keep him up till at least 9pm, give him a lavender bubble bath around 8pm to relax him, now he doesn’t get up in the middle of the night. Good luck!

Mine quit napping around 2, maybe cut the nap out and see how he does at night. She’s in bed between 8/9 and up between 8/9. Shes doing fine

When I was having problems with my granddaughter sleep at 4ys. I talked to her doc about it. Her doctor said it completely normal for some kids to still wake up in middle of night couple times. They grew out of it. My granddaughter is 6yr still gets up at least once in middle of night to go potty. She stopped taking naps at 2. Her bedtime was 7pm -8pm.

My kids have trouble sleeping with any light but insist on nightlights. We bought them kid sized sleeping masks. They have all kinds of cute designs for kids. For my daughter who has more trouble than the others we bought a weighted blanket for her bed. They cute ones for kids too. Between masks and weighted blanket they sleep much better.

On occasions when I can see they aren’t just sleeping enough. Like behavior takes a nose dive and circles under the eyes we give a kids melatonin. We only do that on occasion as a person can become dependent on it. Do it to much and the body stops producing it naturally so you have to be very careful if you use it. Consult a doctor first.

I will add only my 1 year old still naps. My others stopped napping about 2. Instead we did quiet playtime in their room. This way baby still gets his nap. Unfortunately stopping the nap didn’t help much at all but it is worth a try.

Mines doing the same thing even with his melatonin :sleepy:

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Read up, there foods to help them sleep too!

Cut out the nap and no sugary snacks before bedtime

It might be the snack hes having before bed?? Maybe it’s to high in sugar, sometimes food can wake kids up