Is my child sleeping enough?

My daughter just turned 2 12/4. She’s still in her crib, unsure if your son is in a big bed Or still in crib. My daughter has always been an amazing sleeper unless she’s teething badly or sick. But I notice she will be a little more tossing/turning if she snuggled me most of the night.
Example: on the nights we just turn a movie/show in and snuggle she may toss and turn a lot. Almost like pent up energy. But if we run around or turn music on and have a “dance party” before bed she’s out HARD for the night.
Maybe he just needs more of his energy released before bed!

My daughter still naps 1-3 pm (some of that ends up in quiet time somedays and fully slept other days). Then bed time is 8pm and she will sleep anywhere from 7:30-8:45 am depending on the day!

I know that my kid sleeps best in a room 68-72°

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Both of my kids had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep when they were young. I knew with my second exactly how to fix it because with my first when this happened I cut out nap time. She started going to bed at the time I was trying to get her to bed and staying asleep all night. So when my second started doing that I immediately cut out nap time and she slept great as well. They were both under 2 when it happened. It may not work for you but its worth a shot since it’s so simple.

Wow same exact story and routine with my boy who just turned 2!

My son quit taking naps before he was 1. He slept through the night but he also gets up between 5 and 6 every day he always been up that early

At 2 I cut out naps. My daughter was curious and into everything. So she explored all day and slept all night. I even asked my daughters doc about it and she said it was fine it wouldn’t hurt her. When she is tired she will sleep. She even refused nap time in school. She does not like to miss anything lol.

My daughter is 40 and as a child she always woke up for 2 hours in the middle of the nite guess what she still does

Is he getting enough physical exercise during the day? Does he snore? Is the snack wholesome low sugar? What does his pediatrician think?

My grandson sleeps 12 hours a night, zero naps.
Like many others, he’s a go getter during the day, but, not a nap taker since age 2.
Also, at age 2, the mind becomes very active at sleep time. A child may startle from subconscious/sleep thoughts and desire a confirmation of security/ comfort after waking. :hugs::heart:

Naps are great for some children. However the same happened with my son. He always woke up in the middle of the night and will b up for a long time . After about 3.5 years he actually slept thruout the night and now sleeps at least til 8-9am. If he naps it should b early in the day and mayb 1.5hrs. Also a nice bath before bed. Gd luck

My son quit taking naps when he was almost 2. It was tough because I worked 3rd shift. But he would sleep about 10-12 hours at night. He’s still sleeps like that and he just turned 8. Try a few drops of lavender oil on his pillow it works wonders. I use it with my 8 and 3 year old sometimes. It calms and relaxes them.

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Try cutting out the nap :woman_shrugging:, and leave him in his own bed

Is he active during the day? Kids need plenty of movement to grow properly. If he’s not getting that while he’s awake for some reason, he might be trying to do it at night. No judgement. COVID/quarantine is making things difficult for everyone right now.


My 1 year old has always been a great sleeper but recently has been waking up at odd hours. He’s also kicking the headboard, standing up and sitting down, flopping around. My doctor pretty much said that it’s normal for kids to have some sleep disturbances between ages 1-3. There little bodies and minds are going through a lot of changes. I was told that as long as he’s occupying himself and not crying, to just let him be. I put a couple of his stuffed animals in there with him and he does just fine. Good luck!


No more naps my daughter used to be the same way I took away the naps and it took away that problem and make sure you exhaust him with all kinds of things and activities

Have him nap earlier and shorter. Give that a try
Mind his diet as well. What is he eating and how late? If it’s desserts, don’t give them anywhere close to bedtime. Is he getting plenty of physical exercise when he’s up during the day? All factors


Chicken is a natural ingredient in it that lets you get sleepy also the Lord’s prayer will help,


He can learn to put himself back to sleep—and not in your bed. I assume you have a bedtime routine that you do not veer from. An afternoon nap/ quiet time is fine for a 21/2 yo; he doesn’t always need to sleep during these rest times.

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I played sound scapes music for my granddaughter. This calmed her down and she slept 2 or 3 hours daily.

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I stopped giving my son naps during the day when he wouldn’t go to bed at his bedtime. He then started going to sleep. I wouldn try that to see if it works.