Is my child sleeping enough?

I have always slept really hot. Maybe he does too. Bath before he goes to bed. Also warm up a little milk, small amount of sugar, and few drops of vanilla

Try giving him a bath with lavender salts as well as making sure he is active during the day


Good luck. My son seemed like he never slept all the way through until he was almost school age even with no nap. I eventually put up a baby gate and said have at it!

Bye bye naps, hello gate on bedroom. Throw the party in your room, kiddo. And a consistent wake up time will only help.


I would put him down a little earlier for bed maybe by 15 or 20 minutes. Also waking up at (close to) the same time daily can help with sleep patterns. I rhink the nap is fine, a later nap might make things worse.

My son is 3 and exactly the same. He runs around the house and outside all day with our puppy and even if he doesn’t nap he up at weird hours. We eat dinner early due to my husband’s work schedule so he gets a peanut butter sandwich or dinner leftovers around 7:30 then bath with lavender soap and bed by 9. Whether he’s asleep by then varies. I’m really hoping that the trampoline we’re getting him for his birthday in a couple months helps wear him out cuz he’s a very active little boy and his doctor just says it’ll balance out eventually.

He needs a strict schedule. At 2.5 wake windows are 6.5/5 with a capped 90 minute nap (2 hours if absolutely needed). Meaning he should wake at the same time every day & and his nap should be 6.5 hours from the time he wakes. Then bedtime should be 5 hours after he wakes from his nap. I promise this will make all the difference. Hes likely over tired so he’s not able to rest at night. Creating a viscous cycle. Desired wake time and nap time are the only set times. Bedtime is never a set time, its based on the time he wakes from his nap.

Have his tonsils checked out. Large tonsils cause sleep apnea in children which interrupts sleep. We had our daughters removed and her sleep improved.


My 6 year old still doesnt always sleep through the night and will lay in bed for hours after being put in bed and wake up super early always has she stopped naps took warm baths got lavender lotion had full meal a glass of milk 30 mins before bed had a potty trip screens off 1 hour before bed lots of exercise through the day we tried everything some kids just dont sleep all that well she gets it from both sides of the family cuz her dad and all of my family dont sleep well either (I’m on medicine that makes me sleep but not for sleeping) melatonin isn’t a good thing to give your kids all the time because it will stop their bodies from producing it on their own it happened to my mom now she can not fall asleep at all on her own she has to take sleeping meds and even then will stay up most nights

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My son was the same way from birth and it was so difficult! We started using 1mg of melatonin and that has really helped to create a sleep schedule and he sleeps through the night.


What kind of snack is he getting for bedtime! If it’s full of sugar don’t give it! He should be made to go back to his bed when he wakes… and they make kids melatonin now wouldn’t hurt anything to give him one about a half hour before bedtime…


My 15 month old naps two times a day for about 2 hours each nap. He goes to bed around 10pm and sleeps throughout the night. We give him good veggies for meals with a healthy amount of protein and little starch. He drinks vegetable juice, fruit juice and whole milk during the day. I don’t feed him or give him drinks after 9pm. It’s important to have a healthy diet along with lots of play time. We let him run around the living room while I work from home and when dad gets home he takes him outside to play for a few hours. Usually after all of his play and his dinner he is zonked.

He might just need more movement throughout the day and he know you will come get him. I use sound machine in both my girls room. Try taking naps away for a week and see if he will sleep through the night. If he still needs a nap than push bedtime a little later.

My child has never slept well. She started having nightmares and night terrors around 1.5. She’s 4 and still doesn’t always sleep through the night. I have learned however that she does better with a nap during the day so she’s not overly tired… and an earlier bedtime has also been beneficial for us

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My son never slept a full night until second grade. We taught him to play quietly in his room after years of me getting up and playing with him. He has always had a different schedule than me. The best advice I can give is work with your pediatrician.

Here we aremanyyears later. If child goes to daycare,pre…k ,most likely he will have a rest period.inside all day in late fall,winter. When at home,take child for a walk if you live near town walk about showing store windows,birds,different things. Before walk back get outside at any time you can. If close to bedtime,my toddlers got cup of milk,in the high chair and a graham cracker. Then to bed. The nightlight was in bathroom not bedroom.

I found out that what they ate had a lot to do with how they slept. Sugar,was really bad.if they didn’t take a nap it was worse at night. We changed food. Played hard .About 1hr. Before bed they had their bath then I would read to them in bed. No playing after story kiss hug, to bed…it was a lot ,didn’t get much done but worth it…


My daughter had nothing to do with naps by that age.


What kinda bedtime snack is he getting and drink??I didn’t give naps and 2 outta 3 of my kids went to bed descent hour and slept through the night.


A consistent routine helps. I would keep with naps if he’s taking them willingly, if he fights them tho, make it be a quiet time, where he rests quietly, can have a stuffed animal or puzzle, book, something like that. And then at night if/when he wakes up, go in and tell him its still sleeping time and he needs to be quiet and go back to sleep. I have a kid that goes thru stages where she’s awake in the middle of the night and can’t sleep. But a few nights of reminding her that night time is sleeping time and that she’s keeping the rest of the house awake, and she is able to get back into the sleeping all night thing.