Is my child sleeping enough?

Get him a lot of outdoor exercise during the day, that should help

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Omg…I was so lucky. My last one slept 12 hours a night, napped 2-3 hours every day until kindergarten-the first 6 months were hell; he was so tired.

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Have you tried using a weighted blanket? At 2.5 I would think a 4-5 pound weighted blanket might help. It makes you feel like your being snuggled all night.

My 3 boys all stopped napping at 18 months and did just fine but one did wake multiple times a night an still does at 6

No nap he will where himself out no caffeine after 4 bedtime 8 pm routine up at 6 see how long he last may lay himself down by 12 dont let him sleep but about 45 minutes see how he does then make sure he got full belly an bath before bed it work for me my kids put themselves to bed at 7 or 8 every nite they played hard good luck hope it helps youngest has adhd it was hard buy it worked…

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Stop the napping and give him a half tablet of Melatonin about 15 minutes before bedtime…


My oldest would only sleep 4-6 hours at night. We went to the dr because I was extremely Exhausted. The dr told me that some kids require less sleep and that’s okay… she’s almost 15 now and loves sleep. Lol.

Quit making him take naps. My daughter did this until I quit making her nap. No nap she slept. She was 3. She did have problems in kindergarten, because she didn’t take naps.

Maybe try to get him more active. Outside play would would be great No nap try it for at least a week

Try putting him to bed a little later. If he doesn’t fight a nap he needs it and you need your quite time

Cut out him sleeping in your bed. He has his own room. Put soft music on in his room. He is ordered tkstay in his room. Nap time should be 1 hour. No sugary treats at night time. Be firm.

Keep the nap! It’s possibly your child has just gotten in the habit of waking up. It to will pass! They need that nap for their brains to develop.

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Try taking naps way for a week and see how he does and do a later bedtime if u gotta

My mother tells me that my brother and I did not sleep through the night I til we were 4/5

You should try no nap, we had to with my daughter at 2 because if she took a nap at all she’d be up all hours of the night. I would advise against melatonin though, it may be natural, and your body produces it itself, but taking it for a long period of time screws up your body making it on its own. I found out the hard way and now I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, and even trying to fall asleep is the hardest thing in the world.

You might want to try to shorten the naps and then cut them out entirely. I am not sure with his age but,you might ask his pediatrician about melatonin…It’s already something natural in his body.Try it maybe for a few weeks and see if it helps and then decide if you want him to continue on it…Also if you aren’t seeing him being sluggish or acting tired then he may be getting all his body is required.I know certain ages they say so many hours of sleep but, as parents we find out,our kids are nothing like the books lol

Kids melatonin… you’re welcome. And no nap. Mine stopped napping by then

Melatonin, helped my son who did this, zarbees makes one for kiddos, but talk to his pediatrician first

Later bedtime and nap no longer than an hour. It will take time to adjust.

I have slept 2 to 4 hours a night since I was 2 years old. I am 26 now. 7 percent of the population only needs a small amount of sleep.i am also very active and grew up on a farm active. I just don’t need the sleep. Even after many years of testing with different drs nothing bad has been found

Maybe he is that way