Is my daughter too young for a toddler bed?

My daughter will be 2 in April, and today has figured out how to climb out of the crib and onto the changing table. (its a 3 in 1 so they’re connected) I walked in as she was about to throw herself off of it to get down. I’m not quite sure she’s old enough/ready for a toddler bed as that would make bedtime very difficult, so I have mixed feelings, and I’m not quite sure what to do. I can’t let her hurt herself, but I also don’t want her running around the house alone at night when everyone’s sleep. What can/should I do.


Mine was in a toddler bed at 12m! Go for it! I did it earlier cause my booger for a son would climb out of his crib at about 10-11m.
I have a toddler stopper on his door knob because he will roam and destroy things while I’m asleep. If all else fails, I turned the door to use his lock. Until I can trust him to get up and go directly wake me up, it’s the safest route.
I just cleared his room of everything possibly dangerous and put him to sleep, let him run around play whatever until he fell asleep.
Now he sleeps in his toddler bed, no whining or screaming, asleep by 8p and up by 8p every day.
If you have a baby monitor, invest in one! Piece of mind is worth the price. I have my son’s in the corner or his room, cord ran out of his door near the ceiling and plugs up in his bathroom.


It depends on the child, mine could climb out of her crib before she was 18 months old, so we moved her sooner. My son stayed in his crib til 2.5, he had no interest in climbing out

Honestly that’s about the best time and if she is going to hurt yourself then yes you have to is the only safe option she might betoo excited for a while but as long as you keep to a routine shouldn’t have any problem

My boy figured it out at 19months. We put up a gate on his bedroom door. At first he would fall asleep on the floor and we would put him in his bed but after awhile he stopped getting out once we put him in.


Both my girls moved to a toddler bed on their 2nd birthday. None was a climber…both loved their beds

My daughter was in a toddler bed at 2 years and 2 months x

Do you have a baby monitor?

My son transition to a toddler bed at 15 months and did absolutely amazing.

My son has been in a double bed since he was 9 months old. Got rid of the cot as he never slept in it anyway.

I got a toddler bed for my kid at 12 mo so no, she is not too young.

My two were both in toddler beds shortly after they turned 1. They both figured out how to climb out of the cot so we just thought it was safer…

We had this happen at this age, but we had vents on the floor that got super hot so I bought 3 sets of baby gates and put them around the toddler bed. Kept her safe and I had peace of mind. Because it surrounded the bed she couldn’t just push it over so she learned to stay in the bed fairly quickly.

Definetly once they start climbing out there isn’t much point in keeping them in a cot a stair gate on there door and make sure there room is safe if they get out of bed which she probably will a million times :laughing:

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Both my kids were in toddler beds by 1 bc they learned how to climb out. They did well with the transition took 3 nights of putting them back into bed 2-3 times and then they’d lay down and fall asleep.

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No my kids had beds at that age they sleep better :two_hearts:

My kids were all out of their cribs before they were a year old. Two went into toddler beds, the third went strait into his double size bed.

She won’t have far to fall on a toddlers bed

My daughter is 2 since october and is in Toddler bed couple of months no problem

My kids where in toddler beds at or before 18 months.