Is my daughters dad calling her to much?

How often is too often for my ex to contact our two-year-old daughter? He literally blows me up to “talk to her” once an hour all day. I feel like this is a bit much, but he will not stop. He does talk to her and doesn’t talk to me much, but it is cutting into my day-to-day schedule when I am constantly stopping what I am doing to answer his call and give my phone to my toddler. I am not trying to keep her from him or anything, but this is too much, right? How do I get him to stop doing this?


I feel like this is a bit much. I get calling daily and maybe even twice a day…but this is overkill!

I would get her a little smart watch for kids that can only accept a couple of phone numbers.


Be happy he wants to talk to his kid??? You know how many women would die for this to happen you don’t realize how lucky you really are


I think it’s very nice he does that


Well my kids dad doesn’t call, see, text…anything for him. So be happy she has a dad who wants her.


We had issues with SD mom. We had to set a schedule. On the weekends we really didn’t care as long as it was well before bedtime. During the week from 5:00-7:30. She insisted on asking after 8pm. After the no’s started rolling out, she called during the correct times. But, it has died down. She usually calls one to two times during our week.

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Depends what you class as too much? I bet you don’t go all day without talking to your child? He clearly misses his child, your child is lucky… be grateful


I totally understand where you are coming from and it is too much to be calling every hour, especially if your out. And she is only 2. I would put it to 3 times a day, one in morning one afternoon and one before bedtime and just give him longer calls, that way you can have that time to do what you need to do while she is having her phone calls. And before people jump on, I have also had a dad that didnt bother with mine but every hour is just far too much, give him the set times. Your doing a great job x


Set boundaries, agree on what times your happy with and stick to them, dont answer the phone to him at other times :woman_shrugging:


I agree with a few set times every day like in the morning, during the day and before bed. When she is with him do you call constantly?

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Do u have a parenting plan in place?? Maybe try and make some type of schedule. Like hey I know it’s ur child but I have stuff to do where I can’t be available constantly. I mean she’s only 2.

I would say up times when he can call BUT stick to those times.

No way, once an hour all day is rediculous


Set up an agreed upon window of time when he can call and you can make her available. He should have access to her but not be allowed to inconvenience you. Maybe send a couple pics would help ease his mind too but make sure you are setting and keeping boundaries.

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I think it is good for not only him but her as well. It shows that he still wants to be a part of her day not sure your situation but I would allow it. not convenient for you but it is what it is sometimes you have to do what you have to do for you children, just make boundaries with him if you got to


I disagree with the comments above about being greatful he wants to talk to his child etc!

There is a big difference between wanting to be a big part of your child’s life and having regular contact with them which is positive to him calling once per hour per day. That is absolutely ridiculous. Any solicitor would tell you that it ain’t isn’t plausible and would be classed as harassment. Boundaries need to be put in place! I’d say he can call once a day (when it’s convenient for you but set a time and stick to it)

Does he have contact with her on set days like every other weekend? If so I presume you don’t call him every hour to speak to your child. It’s just not necessary! Definitely put boundaries in place and seek support from a solicitor X


He is doing it to annoy you. Yes it’s too much and can be considered harassment. Keep track


I agree, hes controlling when he isnt even there!!!
Defo need positive regular contact that suits both.
What can change per hour, every day??? Sounds terrible to me!!!


Maybe he can get her a phone or set several times during the day for there time. My son missed his daughters first 2 years of her life (moms fault) in a blink of an eye :eye: they grow however you have your life and taking care of a little one etc. will only make you salty in time. So co-parent
God bless