Is my husband over reacting?

My SO and I have 3 children, two being “his” and one being “mine”. My daughter is 5 and has ADHD, her biological dad is it and out so my husband is her main provider. They were playing around the other night, roughhousing and my daughter bit him. Pretty hard left a mark. He immediately told her to go to her room and took her tv and tablet. So the next night after we got home from work/school I asked him where the controller was and he responds with “hidden “ and “hang on let me see if the bite is gone” I don’t think taking the tv and tablet was a fair punishment until your bite goes away or she says sorry… it wasn’t intentional and I felt he should talk to her about how it made him felt so she understands… last time something happened(different circumstances)she went to apologize I said “she wants to hug you” he at first ignored then said “ I don’t want a hug right now” and never addressed the issue with her which is frustrating when trying to teach a child on how to handle situations like this… he offered the tablet back but told me he was changing the WiFi password, I thought that was petty and wish I had told him I wasn’t going to pay the RGE bill but thought that wasn’t gonna help. Thoughts? Advice on how to make a grown man talk about problems? Mind you he isn’t this hard on “his” 3 1/2 year old.

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I think he is overreacting because she didn’t do it on purpose, and he definitely needs to tell her why he took the tablet from her that way she can learn and know it’s not okay to bite or hurt people or there will be consequences.

I think he over reacted and she didn’t mean it.

“His or Mine” not a great thought … you should be saying “ours”. And there is a difference between a 3year old and 5 year old I do think he should talk to her about it and she needs to apologize !! IMO

I think the point of his or mine was so they can talk about how and why he treats them differently. As in the beginning of the post she states we have 3 kids together.