Is my husbands truck safe enough for my son to ride in?

I have looked online and can’t find anything, so I thought I would ask here. My husband’s truck has two-seat upfront, the half door thing in the back, which means that the seats in the back are half the size. I put the car seat in, and it hangs off. My son Has not ridden in the truck yet because I don’t know if it is safe. Should I put him upfront if he has to be in the truck, or is it OK for him to be in the back seat? I still have him rear-facing, and the seat hangs out, maybe 3-4inches. But is locked in. I haven’t been able to find anything online stating anything. So until I know where to put it, I have just made sure he hasn’t had to be in the truck yet. But need help.


Call your local fire department!!! They can be sooooo helpful!

Call your local fire station. They have car seat safety technicians that can help you!

Take the truck up to your local fire department and I am sure they will look at it and let you know if it is safe or not. I know our local fire departments provide that service

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Call local police or fire dept.

Like what everyone else has said… go to your local fire department with the truck and the car seat. A firefighter will come out and do a car seat check + will tell you if it is safe or not! :grin:

Every car seat has a certain amount of over hang that they allow. I believe graco is 20%??? But if it’s the sideways seats mounted to the door then they aren’t safe at all. It’s unsafe to put kids in the front seat under 12 UNLESS there is no back seat, airbags can be turned off, and seat pushed back as far as possible. I wouldn’t use the truck unless it’s an absolute emergency. There’s a great group I’m apart of that can help a ton CarSeat Safety

Also wanted to add not ever fire station or police station has a CPST. You need to get in contact with a local CPST.


I used to ride in those tiny seats in my grandpa’s truck. That was 28 years ago. When I was a infant I would be in the car seat up front. I asked them when I was about 8 how in the heck did a car seat fit in the tiny back seat. I don’t think it’s possible for a carseat to fit back there. Nor would the neck position be safe if a car wreck occurred from the side.

My husband has a 3 door truck with a smaller bench seat in the back. We left the hospital in that truck and it was fine with the nurses (who wouldn’t let me even have a cover on the car seat leaving the hospital)

If he’s still in a rear facing seat,then no.I wouldn’t put him in the front seat until he’s in a booster seat.Which is about age 4 at least.He could be seriously injured.Keep kids in the back seat.If the seat is really to small I’d look into other vehicles.

usually local health departments can point you in the right direction as to who to talk to about car seat safety in you’re area.

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Go to this website and find a CPST near you. Most fire departments do not have certified CPSTs. You can also ask in the group Car Seats for the Littles (certified CPSTs) and they can give you an answer based on the model of your vehicle and car seat whether or not a seat can be installed there.


You should call the police or fire department and ask them.

I recommend anyone who has carseat safety questions to join this group. This group is very helpful. :heart:


My daughters car seat did the same thing in the truck I had and fire dept said it was just fine as long as the seat is properly secured.
If the vehicle had a back seat that’s the safest place.

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I drive a truck and as long as you have the airbag off in the passenger front seat it’s legal. I dont like how some trucks in the back seat the carseat hangs so I go with upfront etheir it cant have a passenger airbag or you have to be able to turn it off as long as it’s off hes fine

If it’s not a full back seat then no baby cannot ride back there. I know in my state its illegal to put a child in those half seats until they can ride with just a seat belt. No car seats or even boosters. As far as in the front seat it is leagl but not advisable. If you have no other options and baby has to ride in the front then make sure the air bag is off and seat is slid back as far as it will go.

Is as simple as contacting your local Firefighters… if you’re that worried.


If it’s a bench most times yes but suicide seats a no. I had no other choice than to put my little one up front when I drove a truck.

I have a half cab in the back. Our convertible fit fine on the half seat but the newborn carrier did not have enough of the base on the back seat. It will all depend on what seat you use.