Is my son ready for potty training?

Is my son really ready for potty training? My son has learned to take off his pants and diaper, and we tried putting on onesies that still fit him, he’s 14 months and wears 2t clothes. He’s fine in onesies because he doesn’t know how to take them off yet. I talked to his pediatrician, and he says he’s ready for potty training, I feel like he’s not ready, but his doctor says he is, so should I potty train him?


When they can say pee or poop I feel they are ready

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Only way to know if he’s ready is to try.


I would start trying luv

I potty trained mine at 18 months and they were fully done at 2 . Wearing actual undies not pull ups or diapers is fastest way to train also have a potty chair in the room u are the most and have them on it every hour for 5 min.

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Start to train him… If he gets trained thn he was ready and if not thn he was not😀

Seee if hes intrested. Dont force it. Hes still young

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Go with your gut. If you feel he isn’t ready he probably isn’t. There is no time limit.

Doctor says he’s ready, he’s acting like he’s ready. But let’s see what people on the internet can tell you about your son.


Try once n see if he doesn’t complain. Don’t force it. I’m thinking of doing the same with mine. She’s 19 months now

With our daughter we bribed her… she got a sprinkle for pee and chocolate chip for pooping in the potty.

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You do what you think is best for you and your son… only You know what that is…


If he can communicate that he needs to go potty or poop it’s worth a try. Don’t be discouraged just because some children learn at a younger age. And as wonderful as doctors are, they do not know everything and it’s your child and ultimately your decision. Ignore stupid comments from people like colleen a conner.


I started introducing at 18 months and went full force just after 2 Before baths first thing in he morning I would have them sit and try. I did full naked after 2

14 months is still a little young but it doesn’t hurt to try. Try it out and see if it interests him. But don’t force him or push him to do it.


If he is taking his diaper off…if its after he’s gone potty in it…he is ready. Also the pediatrician said he’s ready so in God’s name would you come to the internet to ask people about your kid? My son started at 12 months. Please dont be lazy with it. Wouldn’t you want him to be potty trained? Itll never hurt to try.

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Nothing wrong with trying. Just like there is nothing wrong with asking other moms on the internet what they think (despite snarky people like Colleen).

All mine were went to the potty during the day at 14 mth

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Seems a little early in my opinion.

I waited until mine were two years old and they learned in one day.