Is my toddler peeing too much?

I recently turned 2 years old has started potty training, but it’s literally doing a pee every 5minutes and not small amounts (normal wee amount). He doesn’t drink a huge amount of water though, so isn’t that.


Call your pediatrician and see if they feel like he should be seen.


I am NOT saying he has diabetes. But, that could be a sign. Please talk to his pediatrician


That’s a big sign of diabetes. I would highly recommend talk with the pediatrician ASAP. That’s how we figured out my 2 year old nephew was type 1.


Call pediatrician to have him seen. Just incase. Could be something simple like bladder infection or UTI. But could also be a sign of Diabetes.


Get his sugar level checked

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If any of you are diabetic then you can check his blood sugar yourself and if it’s high then call pediatrician! My son did the same thing and his dad is diabetic so of course I checked and he was normal so we went in to dr anyways and they said it’s normal until they learn to hold it a little longer. :woman_shrugging:t2: Now he drinks water a lot and he nonstop peeing!

It could just be that he hasn’t learnt to hold it until there’s a bigger pee.

But never hurts to get a doctor’s opinion


You could check his sugar. Doubtful it would be an infection as its more rare in males and also he wouldn’t have much urine coming out. But he may just be excited about using the potty and maybe nothing wrong at all

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My son would do this if he was constipated.

My son did that. Something wrong with his kidney. I agree diabetes does that as well. No it’s not normal

Could be a UTI or even Diabetes. Please take him to the doctor soon.

What else is he drinking? If he drinking sugary drinks that may be the cause. But u do need to speak to your doctor n rule everything out

Maybe he’s fascinated by the potty. Still wouldn’t hurt to run it by his Dr

He may just have a small bladder

My son did this when he first started because his bladder was so small

When my kids potty trained they would wanna go like that but they would only leave a few drops. Definatly call his doctor, to help out the doctor take a day to measure all drinks, what time he is peeing and the amount of urine.

Make him drink more water. His body is trying to get rid of toxins (unused vitamins, old bacteria) and needs to get rid of them. Could also be diabetes, although I don’t they could be tested until 4

My daughter does this when she is constipated or would confuse it between needing to poop too. The sensation is the same for her. It definitely is a good idea to check with your doctor!

My middle son was the same way and after a few months he started going at a more relaxed rate. He drinks alot of fluids to keep up with his hyperactivity, hes ADHD but I honestly think he was just getting used to recognizing the signs his body was giving him.