Is plan B effective?

It is effective if you take it as directed and within the time period that is suggested but if a pregnancy already happened it will not damage the pregnancy. Take it as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

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As far as I know it works

I’m overweight, have taken one pill within the 72 hour time frame and it has worked multiple times in my lifetime. But it does mess with your body so don’t take it often, just in emergencies.

I only took it once, didn’t get pregnant, so there’s that

If you’re over 155 pounds it’s less effective

It worked for me. But it messed with my mental and emotional state of mind. Gave me pms really really bad. It was a horrible experience for me. Now I’m fixed so I won’t ever have to use it again.

It has worked, but It didn’t work for me the last time and now I have a 1 yr old. I’m not overweight

It worked for me when I was younger. I used it twice before getting in birth control.

I took a plan b… had my baby boy in January lol

It works if taken correctly and at the right time. If you are already ovulating at the time of intercourse then it safe to assume it wouldn’t work since it stops you from ovulating. I’ve seen friends take it and it work, I also have some that have children.

I took it twice first time I had a miscarriage and second time it worked