Is spotting a sign of pregnancy?

Hey…so I and my partner have had sex on Saturday and today (Tuesday) I started spotting…and now I’m not spotting anymore…he pulled out…but could they be a chance of me being pregnant… I had had my last period two weeks ago


It can be. But it could also just be random spotting. Kinda early to tell

Could be implantation bleeding. Take a test in a couple of weeks


Could be, could be something else.

Any unprotected sex can result in pregnancy…unless you dont have your female reproductive organs


Possibly but it would be too early to know now

I have 3 kids proof that the pullout method doesnt work :sweat_smile:


No. Probably too rough/dry or so.

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Probably old blood from your last cycle that hadn’t made it down through your cervix yet and the sex caused it to leak out. No way it’s implantation bleeding after only a few days. Now if you guys were having sex 2 weeks ago around the time of your cycle, it could be implantation spotting.


There is always a chance when you have sex, take a test.

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It doesn’t work that fast lol


Could be ovulation spotting I get that sometimes if i have sex when i am and its rougher

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It’s impossible for implantation to happen already. More than likely old blood or from rough sex or your vajaja was dry. Take a test in a month or so if you’re being pregnant


I doubt it as its far too soon for signs of pregnancy however, if you’re unsure, take a test xx

Sex = possible pregnancy

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I honestly would suggest seeing your local gp.
After 2 weeks of you’re next missed period.
Don’t go to early as I went as soon as I found out I was pregnant, at only 5 weeks and they couldn’t see anything as it was only the beginning.
Best of luck !!

That’s how I knew I was pregnant

A day to three days of light spotting can be implantation bleeding. So yes spotting can be a sign of pregnancy but honestly that doesn’t happen until a missed period it usually comes around the same time. And not every single woman experiences it.

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Real winner. If you dont want a baby have protected sex its freaking simple.

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