Is starting over hard?

How difficult is it to start over? I’m in a relationship with someone I’ve been with for two years. We have a daughter together, and I have a five-year-old from a previous. But our relationship has been nothing but toxic… I get screamed at on a daily basis. I’m expected to work full time, take care of the kids by myself, make dinner, clean, laundry, make sure everything is taken care of. He’s not very nice to my son, and i can’t stand it, but I’m terrified to leave because what if I cant make it?? What if I fail my children because I left? We get into fights about everything. I can’t stand to be with him or in the same room. I can’t stand how he treats us and expects me to be okay with it. I’m not allowed to go anywhere without him. I don’t ever get a break. It’s just exhausting, and I’m drained. I’m so tired… Nothing I ever do is good enough, and his needs always come first.


You can make it sweet. I’ve just left a 2 year relationship that had turned toxic and I gave birth to our son in march this year.
You will make it hun you need to protect you and your son and daughter now. X


Just go. You might struggle but at least ur kids will see you happy. A happy mom is the best mom. Hugs to you and good luck on your journey.


Its better to be alone than to be treated like crap


You will do just fine mama trust me just leave … a mother always make it work for her kids…

You’d be failing your children by staying, not leaving. It’s much easier to live on your own when you don’t have an anchor pulling you down


Sounds like you’re already doing it on your own with added workload having to deal with him.


Leave! Your kids will thank you when they are older. … if you stay they will become the same man who hurts you daily. Its our jobs to protect our children. You are a mother , a warrior and survivor. You got this!!

Him being mean to your kid is enough to leave. Staying in a toxic relationship is bad for your kids. Show them that you can be happy on your own and make it.


It might be difficult at first, but you and your kids will feel so much better after. I just did that and it was probably the best decision that I’ve made.

It’s hard I’m sure, there’s some great “single mom” groups on fb that you should join for support and ask them how they made it etc, good luck!:heart:

I was in the exact same situation. It wont be easy but i know for me i never regretted leaving and never looked back. You’re basically already a single parent and handling everything on your own. The hardest part will be not having someone to split bills with. Get a roommate or downsize. You got this!

What does he add? Stress? You’ll do great on your own. It will be hard but eventually you’ll realize it’s easier than life with him.

Sounds like you have been doing by yourself all this time! Leave him, you can do better by yourself!

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It will be hard at first because you waiting for someone to knock you down all the time. Then one day the sun will rise and you will be so damn proud… keep pushing you don’t need him you lasted many years before

LEAVE, you and your children will be happier at the end

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Yes! It will be hard, but it will be totally worth it in the end when you can breathe that breath of fresh air and have to not worry about anyone except you and your children! They will also benefit from your choice as well. Being with someone toxic is so draining but leave while you can. Find some resources around you that will help. Hugs mama! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m living proof that starting over is successful. not easy but so self satisfying and pride that you did it… never stay in toxic relationship

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Sounds to me like you already are single. Being removed from the same home might actually be less stress.


You can absolutely start over and make it!! Leave his ass ! Be brave, you do everything all the times anyways! You got this!