Is there a birth control with no hormones?

Is there a birth control that has no hormones in it? I cannot take regular birth control because the hormones trigger my migraines. I have tried everything possible, and once again, I start having my migraine attacks… I also do NOT want an IUD because I had Mirena at one point, and I bled the entire time. Thank you!!!


I think a copper IUD is non hormonal


Literally the only thing without hormones is an IUD… there’s also condoms and spermicides…

I’ve heard of progestin only pills, but I only know of copper IUDs that are completely hormone free.

Paraguard good for 10 years non hormonal.

Cooper IUD, Condoms, diaphragm, spermicide and family planning are non- hormonal birth control options.

Lo loestrin birth control pills. Are amazing.

I know you said no IUD’s, but Paragard IUD is the only non hormonal birth control I know of. I have bad reactions to hormonal birth control so that’s why I had it. Now my tubes are removed so I no longer need birth control. Good luck hope they have other non hormonal options out there now.

Sarah Boeser i had the copper IUD since august 2019 and i just got it removed in the beginningof march 2020 because i bled from the day i got it to the day it came out and it was SO uncomfortable. they say it takes a few months for your body to get used to it but personally i don’t think it’s worth the stress it puts on your body! good luck though!

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Yes but always read the side effects and reviews from other who have tried it.

I would get the pills over the iud that way you can easily quit taking them if you have any issues.

Paraguard has worked great for me, its a copper iud. The copper is what makes it effective. I’m also prone to hormone induced migraines but haven’t had any since switching to paraguard. Only side effect may be more cramping than usual but not all the time. It’s a great option to if you’re sensitive to other non hormonal birth control options

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I have Nexplanon. It’s the implant you get in your arm and is good for 3 years.

Basically condoms. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m on a low dose pill I have no side effects. But for no hormones just condoms or the copper iud

Following. I can’t take hormonal birth control either. It gives me anxiety and chest pain

I agree with people saying Nexplanon. I had it years ago (I’m fixed now). It’s non hormonal and I didn’t have a period for 3 years. Loved it

There are many other birth control options that do not contain hormones, that are effective if used correctly, and that are affordable. Barrier methods, such as the condom, sponge, cervical cap, or diaphragm, spermicide, and the copper IUD are all hormone-free methods of birth control


I know you say no iud… But mirena is still hormonal… Copper coil is a non hormonal birth control that lasts up to 10 years

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Condoms and Paragard (copper IUD).

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Paragaurd is an IUD but not hormonal and I haven’t had any issues with it. I’ve had it for almost 2 years