Is there a face wash for 5 year olds?

Face wash for kids… my 5yo seems to get blackheads or little acne bumps often. I have her wash her face with soap, but I feel it doesn’t work well enough and drys out her skin too much. Are kids face wash a thing? Does anyone have any recommendations?


I would google/ youtube how to make a children’s natural face wash. Don’t try chemicals in store bought stuff.

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You can try an apple cider toner or a weekly mask. My daughter loved doing weekly face masks with me at that age.

I would mix witch hazel and water. Put it on a cotton pad. But do a spot test first.

Use Norwex it’s awesome just check it out

We use the body wash and face wipes

My daughter’s both have eczema and they had used this for years. Probably around 6 they used this perfectly safe and gentle on their skin. They used a silicone scrubby for their face


I had acne on my forehead bad as a kid. I cut dairy and ate more citrus and it cleared my skin right up.


My preteen now uses this I don’t know how safe on children that are that young

I use a oil free face wash for sensitive skin on my son and the same with lotion

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I just use cetaphil cleanser for my 7 year old. Shes been using it a little over a year and has VERY sensitive skin. It works great!


Speak to the pediatrician to discover the root of it, and nip it in the bud now


At that young my mom had me mix olay liquid soap with sugar for an exfoliant then use regular bar olay for face washing it helped with acne and didn’t dry my skin out I always had issues with acne but had to be careful of what I used because it would cause dry patches on my face. But there is probably alot more options now than there was then.

Should never wash her face with soap.

Get a allergy test and see what she is allergic too, maybe certain food or the outdoors.

I would suggest using an oil, almond oil is a nice neutral oil. The oil breaks down the sebum and dirt, removing it without drying the skin out.
Also make sure the skin is warm before cleaning as the pores are more open then, use a warm damp cloth over the area, then rub the oil in, then use the warm damp cloth to wipe away any oil and dirt afterwards. Wishing you luck! :grinning:

Most dermatologist will tell you to wash your face with baby soap

I use this cleanser and so does my daughter. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized after I use it.

Sugar and olive oil 🤷☺

I’d look at her diet xx