Is there a reason a doctor wouldn't tell you the gender?

Today at my 18-week pregnancy, I asked dr about the baby’s gender, and the dr told me she couldn’t tell as the baby has turned her side legs back is visible, so is it possible or my dr didn’t want to tell me the gender?


Very possible doc couldn’t tell. It happens a lot more than you realize.


Its possible the doctor couldn’t see it actually. It took 4 ultrasounds with my daughter.


I’d be careful lol. My aunt was told gender at 19 weeks and 17 weeks and both times the doctors were wrong lol

If they can’t tell, they aren’t going to tell you because it could be wrong :woman_shrugging: sounds like you have trust issues with your Dr. Maybe it’s time to find a new Dr.


She probably couldn’t tell…there is no reason that she wouldnt tell you just for the heck of it.


I mean… why would they want to do that?


The doctor literally told you why they couldn’t. You are either dis trusting of your doctor or impatient


My doctor had to ask me what the gender was because they aren’t allowed to know unless the patient discloses. On my ultrasound it just says genitals were visualized. So more than likely they didnt know.

They just couldn’t see, if they baby is in an unfavorable position during the ultrasound then the doctor will not be able to get a good look at the, er, genitals.

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Wait for the 26 th week for it to be accurate! The reason is if its a boy his testicles will be visible!

It all depends on the baby and the babies positioning on if they can determine gender or not. But I find it weird they didn’t ask you if you wanted to know the gender ahead of time. Maybe she forgot to even look.

Maybe she couldnt tell bc of the way the baby is positioned.

My doctors didnt confirm until 22 weeks to be safe.

If they aren’t 100% sure they won’t say.


I think a lot of the time they dont want to say unless at least 90% certain because parents get upset it they are wrong. I think some even sued

I got the blood test done before the ultrasound :woman_shrugging:. Couldn’t go wrong there but at my 3D I asked if it was still a girl just to be funny. They printed out the picture with “Still a girl!!” :laughing::laughing:.


No lol they have to tell you if you ask. Baby was just in a bad position so they literally couldn’t see

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Yeah it’s the dr’s favorite thing to do. :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:


My first son was a girl at the beginning of his 20 week ultrasound. I spent my appointment sad because I always dreamed of having a boy first. Well on the last wand wave over my belly my son went full spread eagle and there was a little turtle head on the screen. Some babies just make it difficult to tell.