Is there an issue with my friend's son that I babysit?

I babysit my friends 2 year old well I also have a 2 year old and I know every child is different but my friends child is completely different than mine. Her son hardly talks and refuses to feed himself, like when I babysit him I literally have to feed him or he won’t eat or if I tell him to eat he will just sit in the high chair and stare until someone feed him. Not only that but when he does eat he also refuses to swallow the food he just keeps it in his mouth. Not to mention when he isn’t eating he just sits or stays around me unless I tell him to go play. I’ve asked a few people and they think he has some type of Autism but I’m not sure. I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant so this is definitely starting to take a toll on me. Any advice on what to do

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I would definitely stop watching your friends child, my son was very similar to that at 2 years old and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone watching him that wrote this. You don’t have what it takes to help a child through this stuff if you are going to anonymously post this question somewhere and act like this 2 year old is inconveniencing you.

She’s asking for advice. It’s better than turning a blind eye to the problem or pretending everything’s fine. There’s no need to be an ass.

Wow. Rude much? Shameful.

I completely agree. My son is autistic and I wouldent want someone like the OP watching him.

I understand about ur child being Autistic but no one did the person say that child was Autistic unless I messed up some how.