Is there rent assistance if you test positive for COVID?

I heard there are places to help pay rent if you test positive for COVID… Does anyone know if that’s true? If so, who do I reach out too, and how can I find out? Thanks.


I would reach out to Cabinet for families or children or whoever your state uses to file for foodstamps. They would be most knowledgeable on assistance

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File for unemployment

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Yes some states have programs. Mostly ran through housing authority and state ran programs. I know here in Washington state we do. Contact your local housing authority as well as dshs

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Prob 211 if it exists

Probably depends on where you live. It’s definitely not a national program.

I saw today that you should apply for emergency assistance with your county if you need rent assistance.

I know there is rent assistance program now available for los angeles county

United way 211 and they can assist you with finding local assistance in your area

Check with your State Labor Board. You may qualify for unemployment benefits

I would go down the list calling numbers start w 211 which is your local chapter of united way then move on to salvation army and your local public aide office. Someone has to know something about there being some kind of help w rental assistance. It’s just a matter of getting in touch with the right place. Good luck.

They shud still help pay for rent so ya don’t have to get covid 19


Local Hud office or social service office!

Check local churches in your area

Check with your local workforce services where you apply for SNAP or call your local homeless shelters, they may have numbers.

Depends on what state your in here in Indiana you can get rent assistance and you don’t have to be positive for covid. Call 211 it’s United way and they will help you find places for resources

i’d start at your state or county assistance department and see if there’s anything there that could help. other than that - i don’t know :disappointed:

Talk to your landlord/property management. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Your local town office first. And you could apply for emergency housing assistance through NH Housing. Or your town housing authority. Additional most churches have funds to help people with bills and rent and stuff. But to do anything you start with your town and fill out an application.

You need to check with your state. Some states are offering that assistance.