Is there such thing as co-parenting counseling?

Is there such thing as co-parenting counseling?


Yes. You can ask for it through the court

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Mediation is always an option when you cannot agree.
Wisconsin also has a “required” class now called “keeping it about the children”

Well yeah you would see a mediator or if you want something long term like a weekly session or bi weekly you can look into family counseling I guess.

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Yes. There is also a course in cananda you are required to take regarding exactly this and they can refer you to a counsellor as well. It’s called
Parenting while separated. Most judges won’t give any custody unless both parents take the course or at least it was this way ten years ago

In both Missouri and Kansas a parenting class is required for both parents before they will grant a divorce

Yes, well at least there used to be! We had to go through it or they wouldn’t even sign & grant our divorce until we both completed it

I’m sure you could sign up for counciling under those conditions regardless of if anyone in the past has before.

Yes. Ours was basically family counseling, but they will focus on whatever area you need help with.

In Michigan there is. Theres classes they make you take when one of the parents are put on child support. Im sure you can choose to take one of these classes too. While separated, my husband and I were supposed to take this class, but then covid happened so im not sure how the class goes.

Yes there is you can go through courts or find one on your own

Yes. But it only works when BOTH parents wants to make it work.

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Yup I’m doing it now with my son we found our own therapist it’s called integration therapy

Yupp :slightly_smiling_face: call your local counseling services. your local government sites/court systems should also have resources available.

Yes. We had it court ordered.