Is this a harsh punishment for a 6 year old?

My husband is grounding our six-year-old daughter for the rest of the month for disobeying him. I am currently deployed. And my daughter likes all kids like watching YouTube videos. So she was told not to watch it. But as a kid, she did so behind his back. I said six days he says the rest of the month. Am I wrong? Is that a harsh punishment for a six-year old?


I would say a week and be done with it. A month is ridiculous

Grounding in what way? Grounding from anything she can get to youtube on for a month is not unreasonable if he engages her in other activities so she knows youtube is not life.

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My personal opinion that is way to harsh to ground a 6 year old for pretty much a whole month for that.

I have a 5 year old who watches youtube. Had she disobeyed me, I would have taken her tablet away for the rest of that day. A month for a 6 year old is harsh.


Imo the child will forget why she’s being punished after that amount of time for that age and will cause resentment.
A day for each year of age. And the understanding of why they are receiving these consequences.


A week is sufficient. After that day she probably learnt her lesson to listen. I agree, a month serves no purpose- they are so young that there’s bound to be repeat offenses with tv/tablets and such… it will take time to understand the lesson.

Gosh this is harsh … I struggle to stick to a day :joy:


Two weeks and 5 days. Nope not too much at all.

This is an on going issue with my 7 year old hes always turning off Netflix and sneaking onto YouTube on our computer!! But a month grouding is long hey do t even remrber what the reason was for the grounding at the end of it we usualy turn the computer off and more for the day. Or take a toy away or something

I’d do a month too…if your too easy on kids they keep doing things mediocre punishments make kids think the punishment wasnt too bad therefore the behavior continues


I would personally say the following day. Children learn from constancy and you can practice rules and discipline more when you have shorter timeframes. To a child an hour is a lifetime.

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That’s almost 3 weeks…way too long to ground a 6 year old. At that age the child should not be on the internet unsupervised anyway.


Yes, I believe that’s too long for one that age. I think a week would be acceptable.

I have a 6 year old depending on what she did determines the grounding. The rest of the month for disobeying him is harsh

Tough love. Maybe she will think and listen and not sneak around. Then when she’s 12 or 13 wont be sneaking out of the house.


Every child is different so a month may be harsh to some but my 6 year old knows right from wrong and I absolutely would ground him for a month for doing certain things. Deliberately disobeying me would be one of them :woman_shrugging:t3:


At 6?? Way too much. That seems like a teenager age punishment. Maybe a few days or a week, but not for a month, imo.


I think he needs some parenting classes


Way to harsh. Take the tablet or whatever away for the rest of the week, but not the month. She will grow to hate him of he keeps being unfair like that