Is this a normal sleeping pattern for a baby?

As long as they are not sick. My LO did this also at 3ths he would go to sleep at 12am and if he wasnt up by 7am I would wake him thinking he needed to eat. I believe just newborns aren’t supposed to sleep longer than 3-4 hours due to malnutrition from not eating as they are fed on a consistent basis in utero. Enjoy it now while you can cause it wont last😆

Babies need plenty of sleep for good brain growth. The baby is just happy and content.

Every baby is different. My baby is 3 months old, sleeps at night from 7pm - 7am (YES, 12 hrs), and throughout the day he takes 4 naps (each about 30 minutes long).

What may be normal for your baby, may be different for others. If you’re looking for sleep tips, follow @takingcarababies on Instagram!

Enjoy you got the 4 month sleep regression that’s about to happen. lol You’ll be praying for sleep soon enough momma.

As long as babe is back up at birth weight and doc gives the ok you are good to go

Both my girls were full night sleepers from birthday

Yes my son slept through the night when he was really young, he was a huge baby though. Enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: my daughter was the opposite

With my first he would go to sleep around 8ish wake up around 10 eat and go back to sleep then I would have to wake him up to take him to my moms so I can go to work around 730am. I called the doctor and he told me I was crazy and that I should count that blessing. 2 years later I had another baby and she was an every 3 hour feeding baby I was team no sleep :joy::joy::joy:

Every baby is different my son is 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night most days but my friends baby slept right through from about 2/3 months old

Enjoy by sounds you have a good baby xx

That’s good for you! Not every mother will get to enjoy and yes, that’s normal. Babies will wake up if they need to feed. There was a time in my life when my baby was that little and did the same thing but it did not last long :rofl: Cherish the moments!

Normal my 4 month old done this from 8 weeks old health visitor says its fine never wake a sleeping baby

My daughter was just like this she was amazing she would ever stay asleep in her bath and all she was the best baby ever I have 5 kids one of my son’s was almost the same it was very lucky

They go through growth spurts where they sleep more often. Enjoy it while you can because it will most likely change!

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Yes my 3rd did, he freaked me right out! Kinda getting used to it now 7m but would still like a bab that wakes in the night :joy:

Every baby is different. It sounds okay.

Its fine, mine was the same enjoy your sleep😊You are very lucky like I was😊

You only have to worry if baby isn’t growing. And growth spurts can lead to different sleep habits.

Roll with it…my daughter was sleeping 6 hrs the first week home…feel blessed

All three of my kids were different, what was normal for one wasn’t for the other two. It sounds like your baby is trying to develop a pattern. I would enjoy it because 4 month sleep regression is around the corner.