Is this a normal thing that babies do?

Okay, so my daughter is just a week away from being nine months old, and she’s an amazing crawler plus standing/pulling herself up on things already. But recently, she has been getting in a bear crawl position just randomly in the middle of the room. Is she working on her balance to get ready to stand independently or just a funny thing babies do? I’m just curious how everyone’s babies started standing independently and walking!


Could be both and my son started walking with a walker at 7 months old and was completely walking by 8 months. Never crawled never took a pacifier was off the bottle at a year. Babies will surprise u lol

My daughter is two and walking and she still does the bear crawl :man_shrugging:


I’ve seen babies that only ever crawled like that…on their hands and feet. My son was walking at 9 months old but he never did that type of crawl lol, some never crawl at all.

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My so walked at 9 months

He shuffled on his bum and started standing around 7 months N took his first steps around 8/9 months N by 10 he was running around with his eldest brother

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Bear crawling was how my oldest crawled, never on hands and knees. Maybe due to hardwood floors we had at the time.

My eldest started walking just shy of ten months!

My kids all didn’t start walking until around their first birthdays. Their pediatrician said that’s pretty normal age for starting to walk.

They’re all different, my 2nd army crawled, first step at 7.5months and walking by 9.5months. Didn’t crawl on knees until after she walked. My 3rd ran on all 4s for years after she started walking. At 13months old.

Just figuring out coordination and the way her body moves. My 7 month old does it too sometimes. I call it downward puppy. It’s usually something she does as she is getting ready to go from crawl to sit.

Babies have a funny way of figuring things out maybe they saw someone do this and she is practicing with her balance or getting stronger to walk

My daughter WALKED at 9 months. She had been pulling herself up on the furniture and moving along holding on to the sofa. Then she let go and never looked back!! Lol. She did toddle for a few months but could run on her first birthday!! Means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things!! I know kids who began walking at 16 months and are great adults too!!! To each his own!!!

My son is going to be 9 months too. But he’s not crawling yet. He tries, but gets so frustrated when he can’t move forward. However, he can pull himself up to stand. I dont know what to do about the crawling thing. For his sake, I want to learn to move

Yeh i called my daughter mowgli for a long time :joy: