Is this discharge normal in early pregnancy?

I am currently six weeks pregnant. And for the last three days, I’ve been having like a light pink light brown discharge. I’ve called my doctor already. I guess I just want to know if any mamas have had this and had a normal healthy pregnancy.


Happened to me in the beginning and I’m about to be 29 weeks… it’s just old cells from your uterus coming out…

It was normal for me. I less the blood is bright red there’s nothing to worry about.

I had it when I started to miscarry.

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I did. It’s old blood probably be g pushed out. It shouldn’t last long but inform your OB anyways.

Possibly Implantation bleeding if so it’s normal.
Signs of implantation bleeding
Color. Implantation bleeding is more likely to be a pinky-brown color. …
Strength of flow. Implantation bleeding is usually super-light spotting. …
Cramping. Cramping that signals implantation is usually light and short-lived. …
Clotting. …
Length of flow. …
May 20, 2020

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It truly depends on the pregnancy, I’ve had spotting and everything been normal. I’ve also had spotting and put on bedrest with two pregnancies (current situation). Talk to your Dr :heart:

I had light pink/brownish discharge at about 6 weeks with all 5 of my pregnancies my ob said it was normal due to missing a period my body was letting me know I was pregnant. I have a 10yo 7yo 2yo 1yo and 18 weeks pregnant.

It happened to me with my son until I was 20 weeks. He’s now almost 9

Only had this with pregnancies that resulted in a loss, but every body and every pregnancy are different

I had this in my first trimester & had a healthy baby girl. If it becomes bright red & a lot of it I would give your OB a call again.

It’s most likely just implantation spotting. Totally normal. If you are worried call your ob again. It can’t hurt.


It’s not normal but it can be common. Only your doctor can make sure everything is ok.


I had brown discharge and had a missed miscarriage. But the midwife also told me that the colour discharge was normal in pregnancy but its also a sign of a missed miscarriage. X

I always heard pink and brown are ok, bright red is not. Still call your OB if you’re worried.

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It could be very normal. I had a couple separate times I bled light pink/brown to bright red during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The bright red (and the last time it happened) they brought me in for an ultrasound and found I had some lingering blood pockets around the outside of the amniotic sac. Had a healthy pregnancy, but did have my waters break early 34+3 and delivered a healthy baby the next day.

Changes in the cervix can cause burst blood vessels that will have a brownish discharge . This is not serious and is quite common !

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It was a miscarriage with my first pregnancy!! But it can be normal and it’s very common really. Check with your doctor.

Yes I spotted for a week around week 7 of my last pregnancy and they did an ultrasound and said everything looked ok and it was. I did have my son 5 weeks early but he was healthy 5 pounds 15 oz and went home with me the next day.

Implantation bleeding