Is this discharge normal in pregnancy?

: I am 15 weeks pregnant and am experiencing brown-ish discharge when I wipe and tiny bits in my underwear. I was told by my OB that it is NOT an infection (yet he didn’t do any swabs). He believes I am experiencing slight cervical bleeding from lifting my daughter (she is only 30lbs, but this is really the only lifting I do). I am going to attempt to not lift her for a few days to see if this subsides… anyone have any experience with brown discharge during pregnancy? What caused it?


I had it through my whole pregnancy with my first son. They never found the cause of it.

I had that too and I freaked out but I got it checked out and they said it was fine as long as it didn’t increase or come out bright red.


It’s normal, but if it becomes bothersome seek a second opinion.

Yes I had placenta previa with one pregnancy, had a good outcome, the next pregnancy my sac separated slightly from the uterus and that was ok too. My last preg I bleed for a week around 8 weeks and they didn’t see a reason and that ended up fine too.

It’s normal. It’s just old blood.

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If it gets worse then I’d be concerned but your cervix is really sensitive during pregnancy and irritation such as lifting, bending, etc can cause the discharge. Its old blood is all.

Normal I had it with my 1st baby

I had that during my pregnancy, too. My doctor said it was.common and that I need not worry unless I was having pain and/or if the bloody discharge was brighter red, more like period bleeding

It’s old blood. Totally normal.

I had brown/pinkish discharge the entire first and half way through my second trimester! As long as there isn’t any pain associated with it and your not filling up a pad then you should be good!! That’s what my doctor told me but if you are uneasy then go to the doctors!! You’ll feel so much better hearing everything is ok from them :heart:

Your cervix is still fresh . You can easily pop a blood vessel . Or strain the already tender cervix . Trust me I had severe bleeding from a hematoma at 12 weeks and even that was nothing to worry about .

I was told old blood usually is ok and normal.

So long as it’s not red you’re fine. Many things cause spotting.

yes normal download the flow app are what to expect app it can help you threw out prgnacy i am 16 weeks 4 days today

somtimes i cant stand the discharge

You can have bleeding from lifting things repeatedly that are too heavy because it irritates your cervix especially if you’re high risk in pregnancy sexual activity or inserting anything into your vagina can also cause cervical irritation but I definitely think your OB-GYN check you for infection with a swab