Is this disrespectful or am I being insecure?

Imagine Your partner is on Snapchat, and they just flipping through, then they come across this sexy girl promoting her Onlyfans; from the corner of your eye, you see them checking the girl out before they notice you watching; they hurry up and remain flipping through. Do you find that disrespectful towards your relationship? Or do you think you are just feeling insecure?


That would hurt my feelings definitely:/


We become insecure when we are disrespected


No, he is attached not dead, you’re telling me you never have checked out a hot guys profile or even in public?


It’s insecurity. It is 100% normal to be attracted to people. Just because he’s your partner doesn’t mean he’s not human. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.


I see it as neither disrespectful nor as though he is insecure. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t find other people attractive.


I am personally unbothered by that but if its upsetting to you just talk to him about it and let him know that makes you uncomfortable.

Not disrespectful to look at other people and find them attractive. It does show how insecure you are in your relationship though :woman_shrugging:


Its not a great feeling but men have eyeballs. We can recognize and appreciate a good looking person just as much as they do. As long as he just looks and keeps it moving I don’t see how its disrespectful to notice beauty when we see it

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I mean as long as he isn’t intentionally seeking that sorta thing out, then it’s not entirely on him and all men look at women lol I would be a little bitchy if he was liking the photos or intentionally looking at that kinda stuff but for him to he scrolling and pause for a second I’d mostly get over it. Even tho I’d be upset cz it’s annoying that’s my own insecurities

Even if it is “normal” it still hurts your feelings…and I am definitely insecure so I get that too. Even if people say insecure like it a bad thing…insecurities happen like it or not. I also think that it could open the door to other things even if your not necessarily thinking about cheating a moment of weakness can lead you there.


It would definitely hurt feeling

But thats how it works
Often I know my man enjoys looking at other women that obviously are more attractive then me
But when it comes down to it us women do the exact thing they do we will feel hurt or insecure

I let my man look but I told him clear as day if he touches another women sexully
im done !!
It happen
I’m sure your beautiful
Gourgus women

Its ok to feel insecure when you notice your man checking out another women its the way it works

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Depending on your relationship, it’s not disrespectful to look if you don’t have those boundaries. However, I find it super disrespectful that he tried hiding it from you.

They can find someone attractive but not act on anything. Being in a relationship doesn’t suddenly stop that. It’s possible to find people attractive, but not be attracted to them.


Your feelings are valid but they do not represent your man, they represent you. I think it’s super normal to look at others. Heck, I will stop scrolling for a bikini pic and I am 100% straight. I think making it a big deal leads to making him hide and will lead to a lot of distrust.


It depends on the agreement you have with your partner.
Polyamory can be respectful.
You need go communicate with your partner about your expectations & boundaries, and allow him to express those same values to you.

My husband and I are always joking around when we find other people attractive. It’s to the point we point who the other one might find attractive out. We say we can look but can’t touch. We aren’t insecure about it so don’t make a huge deal about it or you could make it worse.

If he’s hiding it it is disrespectful. If you don’t like it and he does it it’s disrespectful. I honestly would just discuss it with him.

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I’ve never understood people that “don’t let” their partner watch porn or get offended by stuff like this. If you think your man doesn’t watch porn or find other women attractive you’re seriously delusional and yes very insecure. Like unless the girl is someone you know, why are you letting that bother you?


Well everyone is an only fans model now a days so he may just not have to have a Snapchat if it bothers you