Is this normal after a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage two days ago; I was supposed to be 11 weeks but only measured six weeks five days. My miscarriage was pretty normal as I’ve had one other at the exact same gestation to compare it to. I bled and passed huge clots, and the next day, I felt great! Here two days later, my cramps are pretty rough again and if I don’t pee the second, my bladder gets a little full it makes the cramping much worse. what do I do?? is this normal?? I’ll be calling the doctor first thing in the morning but I’m struggling thinking I have an infection already


Go to the er and they will check you as well

It’s normal it all has to come out

Go to the ER. They need to make sure that everything was expelled. Retaining the tissue can cause sepsis which can be life threatening.


Is there an after hours number for your Dr. you can call?

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Or if you feel something more is wrong go to Emergency Room.

Here’s some information off the internet.

Go to Dr. Also after my miscarriage at home I did request my Dr do a sonogram following the miscarriage (few days later) bc I wanted peace of mind that nothing was left inside that could harm me cause infection effect next pregnancy and he said it wasn’t necessary but he agreed to do it and I feel 1000xs better knowing it was ok everything passed. Then I let it heal as long as he said and then got pregnant and had a healthy daughter. But yes definitely get checked out if having pain and issues! And then request Sono after for safety and peace of mind.

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I dont have any advice but I’m so sorry your going through this and I hope you have a good support system around you :purple_heart:

I cramped for a few days after my miscarriage. I lost the baby at 6 weeks and passed the baby while the doctor at the er was checking me.

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Did they do D&C if not you might need one to clean your cervix out

You need to get a D&C done to be sure everything passed. You could get a bad infection if anything is still sitting in there. I had a miscarriage very similar to yours and my dr was sure to schedule me one afterwards.

I miscarried twice and wasn’t really healing inside for about a week or so, there’s still spots of blood, a little cramping here and there & the feeling of tiredness all the time. Every woman has different level of recovery & depends on the medical procedure you went through. Call you doctor if it’s becoming a concern already.

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Go to the er now an infection will be twice as bad tomorrow

Its normal. Everything is passing through and u can feel that. Esp. Blood clots

I would say it’s an infection or something was left inside from miscarriage. I am sorry for your loss!

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Just go in. I had a horrible experience miscarriaging and will always tell someone to go in and make sure everything got expelled.

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Sounds similar to what i went through, the fetus is caught in your cervix need to have a dnc (believe thats what its called) i went to the er 3 times for my miscarriage!

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Go to the ER if you have not passed everything you can get infection an become septic. If there is pressure in the bladder it could be from swelling (inflammation)

You need to get a dnc done to make sure everything is out .