Is this normal after quitting birth control?

I need experiences. My fiancé and I decided for me to quit my birth control at the end of May. It’s the first time in 12 years that I’ve been off of it. I had some spotting for a day or two a week after stopping the pill and assumed it was my cycle resetting. The app I use for fertility estimated me to be ovulating last weekend. Ever since my supposed ovulation I have had cramps and booting and extreme breast tenderness and soreness. Is this my body getting used to functioning on natural hormones or potentially pregnancy symptoms? I have taken a test wondering if those spotting days were possible implantation but it was negative. I figured experienced mamas were the best for input and advice. Please help!! My body and brain are confused


It could be either or i went of birthcontrol and for 4 plus years i suffered bleeding for months and on and off and soreness ect it could be either or option

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I’d wait a few more weeks and take another test, I waited about 2 1/2 weeks after ovulation before I took a test and was pregnant, first time mom here

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Im no expert by any means- but I personally have excruciatingly painful ovulations ( the last 7months since i stopped bc). Went to doctor to ensure it wasn’t a cyst or anything…she said some women just have painful ovulation, only way yo stop it is to use birth control to suppress ovulation. And hope it eventually stops hurting when you ovulate.

I would check with OBGYN though

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I may have had some slight inconsistencies in bleeding for a little bit (don’t remember :joy:) but my cycles are right on cue normally without breakthrough bleeding

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It could be your body adjusting after the birth control or it could be pregnancy. Wait a few days and test again. Spotting is not considered a period until you have an actual flow. If you don’t start your period soon and tests are still negative I would call your doctor.

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What kind of birth control? I had an IUD for 4 years after the birth of my son and had it removed because of painful cysts. They went away after removing the IUD but I had switched to pills for two years before I went off all bc last year. But when I stopped the pills the cysts came back for what I’ve called “a last hoorah” and now I’ve been normal almost a year. But I also agree with the other ladies, it could be either thing! Just wanted to give another perspective

I stopped taking birth control (the pill) may 23rd and got a positive test June 23rd. I had taken a few test in between when I noticed weird things but it was too early to show up on a home test. It could be anything but I’d test again in a couple weeks to be safe!

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It’s probably just your body trying to get it’s hormones back to “normal”… you could also start having “painful ovulation” now. I never suffered from it until I went off the depo after 4 years straight (I was on the pill before then). I also started getting ovarian cysts once I stopped taking birth control.

Could be either especially with an extended time on birth control but you never know

Wait another week. I got pregnant within a month after getting off depo

I dont know about getting off birth control, but I had spotting and cramps with my first but didn’t test positive for almost 2 months.

Sounds like you’re about to get your period, this is exactly what I go through right before mine (pms) Spotting is not a really a period.

It could be body after birth control

It could be either honestly. Wait a little longer and take another test

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Could be both hormones or you could be pregnant i remember the week before i was due my period i had really tender breast when pregnant with my son I missed my period and took a test and I was 3 weeks pregnant so maybe do another test in a couple weeks good luck xx

I was on mirena for 5 yrs. got off of it 3.5 months ago. Spotted. Never had a full period, had negative tests, took a test a few weeks later and found out I was pregnant

I was on nexplanon for 4 years and had it taken out on November 23rd 2018. Had sex December 3rd 2018 and found out I was pregnant December 24th 2018. :sweat_smile: After having my baby I had another nexplanon implant put in.

It can take a while for hormones to regulate

When I got off bc dr said it could be up to 6 months before it could be outta my system. And she said start trying after 6 months or 2 months after your 1st normal period

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