Is this normal at only 26 weeks?

Is it normal to feel pelvic pressure when walking or bending at 26 weeks pregnant?


If its continuous probably not, but everything is growing and stretching and shifting. U will have pain and/or pressure from time to time.


If this isn’t your 1st pregnancy most likely. With my second it started at 23 weeks. I didn’t have him until 38.

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This last baby I had was very low the whole time from 15 weeks on everytime I bent over I felt pressure like I was squashing my baby. He’s two months now and perfect. Definitely bring it up with your doctor. I didn’t do it my other pregnancies so I was worried but my doc said we were fine

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I had it from only a few weeks pregnant then got worse as the weeks went on until I had my son.

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I’m 37 weeks an I have had pelvic pressure for majority of my 2nd an 3rd trimester

I had that with my second pregnancy, I’d bring it up to your doctor. The only thing mine did was tell me to drink more water when I was already drinking as much as I possibly could. I got sick around 34 weeks pregnant and wasn’t able to drink or eat anything without throwing it up and went to the hospital because the pelvic pressure was just insane, thought it was because I was just dehydrated since I couldn’t keep anything down and turns out I was dilating with no contractions and they couldn’t stop the dilating so at that point I delivered my son at 34 weeks and he stayed in the nicu for a month. Could just be where your body is getting ready but I’d definitely call and ask a nurse or go in if you have that option!

I had chronic pelvic pressure and pain from about 20 weeks until I gave birth. My midwife said it was from the ligaments and everything else stretching to adjust to baby’s growth.

In 21 weeks and have had pelvic pressure in any position…standing, sitting,walking. Sometimes it feels like he curls up in the very bottom of his confined space and it is soooo uncomfortable. One of my doctors said it was normal though. Hang in there mama❤️

Yes! I’ll be 27 weeks Thursday and I feel it constantly it’ll come and go but it’s normal as my doctor told me, I asked about it too being it started around 20 weeks.

I did with my son from about 23 weeks on. Doctor said it’s bc it was my second pregnancy and that it would be like that with any more pregnancies. I’m currently 29 weeks in my third pregnancy and have just started feeling it this last week or so.

Yup! 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I’ve had it since early 2nd trimester this time!

I think it’s normal but you should ask just to be safe. I’m pretty sure it just means the baby is hanging out in your pelvis

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I started having the pressure, I asked my doctor and was told that it’s my baby moving into position. I also have what they call “crotch rockets”. It’s where the baby moves onto my cervix when he tried to get into position. They said that it’s ok as long as it’s not continual.

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I’m having pressure when I sit for a long period of time or if I have to pee and I’m only 12 weeks. Going to bring it up to my do next time I go in

Yes. It’s pressure from the baby.

Yep. With my second and especially my third my pelvis ached constantly from about 22 weeks. Getting in and out of the car was painful and don’t start me about rolling over in bed!!! Ligaments stretching. Hang in there x But if you’re worried about it-go get checked just to be sure :pregnant_woman:

Very normal… happened with all five of my pregnancies but wouldn’t hurt to talk to your OB about it. You’d probably feel a lot better hearing it from them. And better safe than sorry. Good luck :heart:

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My third pregnancy now I’m 35 and have had 2 prior c-sections my first was a girl my 2nd a boy and now another boy. I feel pressure in my scar and in my cervix im only 21 weeks I’ve been feeling it for awhile now I really notice it when I’ve been on my feet to long, bending over to much, after going pee, and after eating a large meal. It seems to subside when I lay on my side and rest. I think the baby just finds a comfortable spot and to us it’s the most sensitive​:flushed::hushed::confused::astonished::smirk:

Possibly pubic smphosus…ligaments loosening reading for birth…I had it with two of mine from 3mths. The second was horrendous and by the end I could barely walk or lift my leg. Talk to your Dr. He may suggest a physio…who may suggest a brace.

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