Is this normal behavior for siblings?

Teenagers right! Where do I start 15-year-old son 13-year-old son? They are always at each others throats. Is this normal? My 13 year old praises his cousins who aren’t great of influences and completely disrespects his older brother. Again I ask is this normal? Anything I can do to help them bond and make a better connection?


My sister and I hated each other for almost our whole lives growing up. We are 22 months apart. I haven’t hugged her since we were tiny children. It’s weird when she’s nice to me. We tolerate each other now. Nothing ever happened to make us mad at each other other than sibling rivalry lol. We definitely aren’t close.

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I have WWF going on at my house between the boys who are 10 and almost 8 and the girls who r 3 and 5 in 12 min lol

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Yeah thats normal, both have a lot of testosterone going at that age. Think of it like two gorillas showing off dominance. Just make sure they don’t get into it physically and help them make good choices. They’ll either out grow it or not.


Yup…normal. My boys are 23 and 25. They treated one another growing up…but was always at each others throats. It took my oldest coming back from Korea and seeing my youngest in the hospital with Crohns disease to start to get along. They still bicker often…but lots more laughs!

My brother and I are 3 years apart & were always physically fighting until I was about 14 & him 17. we are now in our mid 20s and cant be in the same room for very long before we’re arguing! Idk always been that way.

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Yes my 5 4 and 2 yr old is already like tht

We are a blended family. My husband and I have been together for 9 years. We have 5 children, ages 15, 14, 13, 11, and 10. They all fight. ALL. THE. TIME. :roll_eyes: My brother and sister are 11 and 12 yrs older than I am. My ex husband has 3 brothers. He’s the oldest, and he says that its completely normal. However, I always ask my friends how they get their children to love each other… I can’t even get mine to like each other lol :laughing::smirk:

14 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl fight nonstop. Like literally knock down drag out style. I have had to replace a bathroom door and both of their bedroom doors, holes in the walls. My son even locked my daughter out one day while I was at school and she kicked in the front door. There is literally no stopping them. Take their phones or grounding them makes them bored and fight more.

I have 2 brothers and I’m the middle child we NEVER got along growing up until we moved out of our mom’s house. My older brother moved out and we started missing him then when I moved out I started missing my little brother too it was weird but now after a couple years of not living together anymore we all are actually pretty close. My older brother chased me around the house with a knife and I used to choke my little brother when he pissed me off and now we laugh about it and cant believe we ever did that to each other! Its pretty funny looking back

Yes definitely normal! Me and my younger brother are 3 years apart and would constantly fight. Him and our youngest brother are 3 years apart and do not get along at all.

So normal. How boring would it be if we all agreed on everything and got along always? We’re different personalities backgrounds etc.

I have a 19,16,15(autistic) yr old boys the 16 n 15 yr old argue 24/7 one nags while the other is sarcastic vise versa I get along with my siblings even when a long time ago we shared rooms it was nothing like this but… The other side of his genetics siblings hate each other so I honestly don’t know but to me I think it’s somewhat normal. I do believe as they get older it will pass.

My two grandson are 1 year apart and they did same thing so your boys are good l well pray thing get better.

Yes, my girls fought at that age, only a year apart, I’ve had to literally play referee a few times, but now they are 16 and 17, and have grown out of it and matured, and get along for the most part. They don’t really hang out together alot, but they get along.

Let em out in the yard and have em fight it out. Survival of the fittest.

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My boys are only 8 and 12 and I don’t remember the last time they actually got along :joy::joy: Probably before the 8yr old could talk :joy::joy:

I have an older sister and a younger sister, me and my sisters still don’t really get a long, and we are 29, 31 and 33

My kids are 19,15,and 11 and the 19 and 15 year old never got along till my oldest moved out and now he ask to pick his brother and sister up from school and to take them to hang out with him and his wife and baby at his house.So yes it is every normal.

Mine are 7 years apart and still fight nom stop. Hubby ignores it! Drives me crazy!