Is this normal for colic drops?

I have a newborn that’s almost two months, and I’ve called to make an appointment for him, and the on-call nurse told me to try colic drops, which I gave him a small dose, and about 30 minutes later, he got really calm which I am not use to because he does fuss a lot sometimes holding him a soothing don’t help but if you know anyone who has given their child this I’m just wondering is this normal after giving the drops?


He may be fussy because of gas and got calm because the drops are helping his little belly feel better


Completely normal that’s what the drops are for. My daughter was the same way we switched to every formula and nothing except these drops would help

Just hold your baby. You will miss this stage

My second son had colic and the drops calmed him

I had to give my son drops before every bottle because he had bad colic totally normal

He may be fussing cause jes suffering from colic and the drops have really helped…

yes that is normal that is what the drops are intended to do :slight_smile:

Yes normal it’s what the drops are suppose to do

Some of those colic drops have phenobarbital in them…or at least they used to when my son had colic!

I’m not sure which ones you are using just watch the recommended dose. Gripe water can be harmful if given too much. We used gas relief drops with gentle ease formula and a slow flow nipple. If the baby is crying and you can feel yourself getting tense n stressed don’t be afraid to put baby safe in its crib shut the door and walk away for 5 minutes. Suck on a piece of candy, walk around your house outside, play your favorite song but try to do something to calm your body back down. Babies feed off our energy. Best of luck momma!

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Colic drops. Or catnip & fennel from a health food store works wonders.

Won’t hurt the baby!!!

Have used them with all 3 of my kids even my 5 month old its what they are for

My daughter had colic dr had us use gas drops and night time gripe water it worked great

Gripe water is amazing my grandkids were colic and it was a life savet

Yes I always thought they had a very calming effect on the babies! I owned an infant center an I swear by Highlanders teething tablets too!

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He most likely calmed down because the drops helped relieve the gas bubbles that were causing his upset.

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Not sure what colic drops you used, but if it was Gripe water or if it had something like chamomile in it, your baby will definitely calm down!! Especially if he was having tummy trouble, and the drops helped. My son was borderline colic and had tons of gas troubles. We used Gripe Water PM (has chamomile) and it helped A LOT. We also introduce Gerber Probiotic Soothe drops and those seemed to help with all of his fussy issues!

It’s working! Congratulations!