Is this normal for thawed breastmilk?

I exclusively pump for my baby and have been storing milk in the freezer … here’s my question I thawed some breast milk according to the guidelines and ended up with what looked like melted butter in the milk; I gave it a shake and mixed easily, but then it would go back up it doesn’t have a bad smell I also tasted it, and it was fine!!! Is this normal has any pumping mommas have this happen to them??


Normal normal normal. The only reason cow’s milk doesn’t do the exact same thing is because it’s been “homogenized,” or mechanically blended in such a way that the fat droplets get super tiny and dispersed through the rest of the liquid. Natural, untreated milk (like from people boobies) won’t do that.


It is the “cream” or the hindmilk which has a fattier content and helps keep the baby full and to gain weight (along with the thicker white milk). Completely normal and a good thing.

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It’s fine! It’s the healthy fat. Swirl it in and let baby drink it!!


Thats just the fat in it separating from the milk, its fine and normal

totally normal!! … it’s not homogenized like store bought cows milk :blush:

Yes it’s normal. It’s the fat separation. No need to worry

Totally normal. Warm and mix well.

Yep normal! I panicked about this at first too

Normal. Swirl it around rather than shake


Sorry I can’t answer your question. But there is a great group that can answer your question. Join Exclusive Pumping- Evidence Based Support Group

Thats the best part for bubs to get em cute chubby cheeks n rolly thighs lol