Is this normal pain for 35 weeks pregnant?

I’m 35 weeks and have been having really bad cervix pains when I walk, it feels like the bones between my tights are cramping, and it feels like a sharp stabbing.


That may not be normal just to be on the safe side check with your doc anyway everyone goes through different things when they are pregnant and it’s best to be safe then sorry I wish you well and congrats on the bundle of joy :two_hearts:

We are in the same boat😭 My whole bottom half is killing me!

Go get checked or talk to your doctor just to be shore its normal. Alway better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pregnancy. (Baby first):heart:

Probably normal but please see your doctor to be sure

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I don’t know if you will be able to read this but my friend’s daughter had cervical cancer which was caught about the same time of her pregnancy. Please go and get checked out.

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I never experienced that but my.gosh my. Pregnancy was 35.years ago youd be best to ask.your doctor

Braxton Hicks. Body could be preparing for the birth. But always better to see your doctor just to be sure all is good with baby.:slightly_smiling_face:


The doctor is the person to be asking.

Your good don’t panic. Welcome to your third trimester😉 I’m due Christmas day and yes I believe it’s gotten even more real now lol I’m excited it’s almost over and can’t wait to finally hold him in my arms. Good luck with your baby!!!

When I walked felt like mine was gonna fall out really hurt but I carried low

I am currently 36 weeks and I have started getting all sorts of randoms pains, mostly in my leg. If your concerned ask your midwife but it’s most likely because baby is running out of room and is pushing on nerves and whatever else it can find in there lol. Very annoying but hey not long to go now :grin:


Omg!! Mine was the worst!!! Some days I’d be in tears!!! Can’t remember when it started but I believe it was my last trimester. Had my daughter at around 38 weeks and she was 10 pounds 4oz!

It could possibly be the pressure from the baby. You will start to feel all sorts of pain and aches at this stage and even Braxton Hicks pains will increase but if you are feeling worried about it then definitely go and speak to ur doctor and get a check up to make sure everything is fine. Best this is to stay calm and rest

Call dr and get checked did with both my girls went in and was dialated to 4 with one born at 30 wks and 38 weeks with other dialated at a 5

Look up SPD or pelvic girdle pain. I suffer from this at 28 weeks and some days it’s so bad I can barely walk. Seeing a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy has been suggested to me.

Sounds like baby is on its way, that happened to me with my last at 34 weeks found out the next day I was 5cm dilated and had an emergency c-section. Good luck mama.

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Mom of 4 here. Yep totally normal and uncomfortable. Your body and little one are getting ready for the big day.


I got it starting about 30 weeks. They say it’s pressure. Your way is better than my way I said it felt like she is trying to claw her way out of there with very sharp nails. But it’s always better to be safe and just phone ob

Same! Except my baby is just big! I’ll be 34 weeks Friday. My whole bottom half is killing me!