Is this normal pregnancy swelling?

I was wondering if this could be anonymous, but my question is, I’m 38 weeks and four days pregnant, and I know swelling is normal, but my right foot and ankle are more swollen than my left and felt tingly. Is that normal? I was scheduled to have an appointment this morning, but they called and canceled and had to reschedule for tomorrow afternoon, I also have a lot of pelvic pressure, and it hurts to even cough. I was in this hospital over the weekend for bleeding, and I am unsure if that correlates with my swelling. If I have to be seen, I have to drive to another town or wait it out till tomorrow when my appointment is here in town.


Any other symptoms like shortness of breath, lower heart rate or dizziness?

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Did your doctors test your urine for protein?


You could have toxemia , I had it with my daughter & had similar symptoms.

Was the bleeding your “bloody show” ?
I personally wouldn’t worry about the swelling bc it’s so normal, unless your blood pressure isn’t good…have you checked that today?

pack a bag you could be staying in the hospital .

Could be blood high pressure

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I’d pack a bag and drive to the labor and delivery ward where you plan on giving birth and he seen there.


You could have pre-eclampsia I agree you should go to the hospital where you plan on delivering


i would go to labor and delivery better to be safe than sorry i had pre eclmapsia with my two youngest

It could definitely be pre-eclampsia. I had it when I was pregnant. I went into the hospital to get checked out, they told me what it was and induced me the same day. So make sure you have a go-bag in your car just in case

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That’s exactly I had. Ended up having baby right away after my dr found out about my pre eclampsia

My feet were numb, tingly and swollen from about 4 months on…right worse than the left. Even my hands went numb toward the end. They said the added water and baby riding on a nerve caused it.

Go get checked that can be a problem

Please call your dr. They may want you to go to the hospital to be checked. It’s okay to call them. That’s what they’re there for :heart::heart:

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Go get checked. Those are definitely signs of pre-eclampsia. Better be safe than sorry. Drive to the other town. Pre-eclampsia is very serious.

I would probably go get checked out.

you need to talk to dr or your going to get wrong info and that could be devastating

That sounds like preeclampsia which can be life threatening for you and your baby. I’d seriously go to the ER and at least have them run proteins and your BP for peace of mind.

When my best friend was preggo, she kept complaing of symptoms that were spot on preeclampsia.
She was about 7.5 months and the obstetrician had her doing a 72hr urine collection to check severity I suppose. Turned in the first jug o pee and she was called back IMMEDIATELY and told to return to the hospital and be ready for admittance.
BP was spiking so high that docs were afraid she was going to stoke or seize. Emergency transfer to a hospital with a good PICU.
Her son was wonderful, had dry lungs but that was all and I think pretty good for being 6weeks early.
Though after pushing and delivering her son, she hemorrhaged and came too close to dying for comfort.

I’m glad shes okay and so is my not-nephew but seriously, if she had listened to me and not made excuse after excuse as to why she couldn’t possibly have preeclampsia they could have gotten a jump on it and put her on meds.

Better safe than sorry. Go to the EE

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My right ankle and foot double in size to my left when it swells. My right hand also gets bigger compared to the left. I went to the ER about a month ago and they checked me for blood clots. I didn’t have any so they sent me home and my doctor hasn’t said a word about it since. I’m 30 weeks and 3 days now it’s still happening but she doesn’t seem at all concerned