Is this pain in pregnancy normal?

I’m 40 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been experiencing pain in my left vagina lip. This has been going on for almost two weeks now. It’s not a throbbing pain but a constant pain. It hurts to lift my leg or do simple things like get up off the couch or out of bed. I’m 2.5 dilated and 60 percent effaced for the past two weeks. Is this normal? Has anybody else experienced this?


Sounds like you have a very low pinched nerve from pressure in your pelvis.

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Yep. My Ob called it “pressure” and said it is very normal in the 3rd trimester. Id personally say just keep an eye on it since you are 40 weeks and things will be moving right along.

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Have you had someone look at it? It could be vulvar varicosities which is basically varicose veins. Burning? Itching?

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Yes. It’s a nerve pinched. Mine started back at like 30 weeks. I’ve had to walk with a cane on some days because of it. I can’t even put weight on that side/leg. If I lift that leg, roll over in bed or do anything that engages my left leg, I’m in severe pain. The doctors aren’t too concerned about it but because of the pain, I’m being induced early.

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Sounds like a pinched nerve… you’re in the last lap mama, it’ll be done soon. If it continues after your baby, pursue treatment. Congratulations, enjoy the new baby!!

Prayers for you honey, cuz that is the WORST and most uncomfortable pain, I think, of all parts of pregnancy!


I betcha if you look down there it will be scary and blue!! My veins were huge down below at 40 weeks and it was exactly like what you’re describing!


That is from pressure on your side and it’s pushing against a nerve, it will get getter after you deliver.

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Very normal had it with both my second and third pregnancies

Yesssss I’m 36 weeks and have had it a good amount of my pregnancy. It hurts like hell!!!

Totally normal. Google “lightening crotch”.


Going through the same at 37weeks check out pelvic girdle

Same thing here. But I’m a week behind you. It could be lightning crotch but considering I had varicose veins down there with my last one I’m pretty sure it’s the veins.

Pressure but get to walking … help your body dilate… Your almost home ! Congratulations

You’re also carrying more fluids in your body and that can cause pressure and pain. I wouldn’t be too worried.

Don’t worry dear,u will be right& normal soon.

Just apply
Sarnax cooling gel
Lubriderm healing ointment
With having no side effects.

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Yup! Mine started closer to 32 weeks with my daughter and 35 weeks with current pregnancy.

I had it also… It could be lightning crotch which is such a bizarre term but makes sense when you actually get it, but it sounds more like you just have a ton of pressure down there and it’s probably hitting a nerve. Lightning crotch is more like “zaps” of electricity that come out of nowhere. If it’s constant then your baby is probably on the descent and putting a ton of pressure down there… get ready!!! It’ll all go away once you have him/her!

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You could be having some type of contractions could be a pinched nerve have you talked to your doctor could be a couple of different things could just be normal body stress from the pregnancy every single one of my pregnancies would have different and I’ve had five of them

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