Is this too much for childcare?

Is $50 a day for child care expensive? I have had the same lady (she’s a SAHM who isn’t an official daycare) watch my son for over a year now. I originally was paying her $20 a day; then we bumped up to $28. Well, she told me recently she wanted to leave Idaho. She said she could only stay if I pay $30 a day Monday-Friday to help make her rent. The only problem is I work Monday-Wednesday & Saturdays. So basically, I would only need her Monday-Wednesday. This means I would have to pay $50 a day for three days instead of $30 a day for five days to help her out, make her rent, and stay in Idaho. I really like this lady and would prefer to keep taking my son to her. I was quoted at an official in-home daycare $40 a day, so I’m basically paying $10 extra to stay with the lady I have currently. I’m just trying to weigh my options because I was thinking about switching to SAHM but might wait a few months to see where we are at financially first, so I’d have to keep paying for daycare… which would be $600 a month total. Does that seem crazy? Lol


Thats 150 a week no. We pay 175

That’s insane. 35 Is standard.

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Good help is hard to find. Especially when it comes to caring for your child. a lot of crazy & messed up people in this world. So yeah, if I were you, I’d gladly pay that to keep her!


Nope I charge 10 a day but , only baby sit family are close friends

It depends… I would be paying 35 a day(and that’s for an infant) at my sons center however im on ELRC which helps me pay so i pay 80 a week…

I pay 50 a day for preschool/day care. They provide breakfast lunch and snack/learning/crafts/outside activity. Depends on what all goes into it a I guess.

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For a daycare center I paid 50 a day for 3 days and 40 a day for 5 days.

We pay $115 a week for daycare averages Out to $23 a day

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I ran a daycare and charged $50/day. That’s not a lot of money. Break it down by hour. She IS giving up her entire day. Would YOU work for an hourly rate les than that? Doubt it …


That’s insane. I watch a few kids, get them to school, and do snacks and only charge their parents $20 :flushed:

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Licensed daycares around here charge 30-40/day. I’d pay less if they’re not licensed.

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Thats so cheap. In Australia it’s like 100-120 a day

I pay 170/wk full time for a 1 and half year old

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I pay $60 a day… includes meals, learning, activities etc. daycare is not cheap


$30 a day yes. $50, no.


Wow. Where are you guys at cause I pay $165 for my 3 yr old, $185 for my 1 year old and $225 for my newborn.


I pay 500 a week. Granted I have 4 kids but its a lot fr.

If you cant afford it then, unfortunately she will have to go :slightly_frowning_face: she has to make a living too

I guess if you can afford that but…its not your responsibility to pay her more so she can cover her life. Thats not on you and sounds like she’s trying to take advantage of you tbh