It bothers me that my partner isn't willing to further his education: Advice?

How do you deal with your partner who does not meet you intellectually? I really feel like I’m getting dumber as a result. Don’t bash me, please. I just love my husband so much, but we are not even close in the range of intelligence or education. This used to not bother me, but lately is getting so tiresome to have these watered-down conversations about nothing when there’s a whole world to explore and learn about. He doesn’t want to learn anything new; he has no interest in getting smarter.


What the actual fuck? Divorce him if you don’t like the same person you married. Normally I’m not so rude, but seriously? I can’t believe you’re like that. Why would you want to change the man you married? I feel sorry for him

So, you’re saying you weren’t “intelligent” enough to choose better…Never criticize your spouse’s choices…you were one of them :thinking:


So much for unconditional love :thinking:


He should run for the hills


He sounds beneath you. I’m so sorry you have to put up with that. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Whew doesn’t sound like love :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

I ended up growing out of the relationship, it was hard after 10 years but you either grow together because of choices or you grow apart because of choices

Sometimes people don’t engage in conversation with people who already know everything. What’s the point?


Well you said not to bash you. So respectfully, to your husband. I think it’s time to look into divorce. You can do better man.


So… going against the grain here. I think the goal of any marriage is to GROW together as people and a couple. I would sit down and have a conversation your partner that you’re really interested in x,y,z and ask if they would look into it more so that you can have conversations about it together. It’s important to you, so it should be important to them. Then offer to take up something they really enjoy to do w them also. Baby steps.


“I really feel like I’m getting dumber as a result.” “I just love my husband so much”

Like what?! How do you even say those things in the same paragraph? You knew who he was when you married him. This is crazy

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Well, this is quite shitty.


I feel bad for him lol because you are not the dictator of his life or choice.


It’s not your job to fix him. He’s an entire person. Not half of you.

What if he changes his mind in 5 years?
Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings

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I’m deleting this from my feed…this is beyond stupid. Have fun!


Wow, you’re something else. You should divorce him so he can find someone who deserves him. I cannot imagine saying such rotten things about your husband.


This is something to consider before getting married. It’s unfair to make someone change after you’ve given the impression that you’ve accepted them for who they are.


I know exactly what you mean. I love to read, I have always enjoyed learning and spelling is important to me.I have even read the dictionary and try to learn new words often. My husband sounds similar to yours.He’s told me before that he didn’t even know San Diego(where I lived for years) was in California and that Denmark was even a place. He can’t spell very good either so things are usually butchered and we can’t really have conversions without me having to explain it really well a few times. He also doesn’t remember alot of what we discuss. It’s very frustrating and I know he feels stupid when I try to correct him using words that don’t apply to what he’s using it for and trying to tell him how to spell a simple word. I don’t want him to feel dumb or like he’s beneath me but I don’t know any other way to try and help him sound more intelligent. Which is only important to me because I want my kids to value that and he’s working on being promoted at his job.I try to ignore it as best I can and let him know my help is always available :woman_shrugging: