It's hard for my husband and I to find time for eachother: Thoughts?

I was wondering if any of you Mommas have experience with this that you could share about. So, it’s been hard for my husband and me to find time to be together. We have a 19-month-old and I’m 17 weeks pregnant with our second. Since he’s been working overtime and I’ve been working from home and watching our toddler full time during COVID, it’s really made both of us tired and has not had the opportunity to spend time with each other. We both love each other very much but would both like quality time to spend together, and it triggers us both at different times that we have not had the opportunity to be together. We are also very limited on people to watch our toddler. It’s starting to really take a toll on us both mentally. Any advice? Thanks in advance


Unpopular opinion:
Give your kid a tablet or phone and go on a date in your room. Sometimes we need to be creative. Good luck :blue_heart:


When the baby comes, itll get harder finding time together. Try spending together doing housework or playing with the LO. Itll sure pass and remember your kids are only lil once where you and ur hubby will have a lifetime together.


Put the kid to bed early and set up a date night at home for the two of you if getting a sitter is an issue. I dont trust anyone with my kids so I know it gets hard. Like the lady above said, it’s usually “frowned upon” but give the baby the phone or tablet and get yall some mommy daddy time! Having young kids and working different shifts can take a toll on relationships when you guys cant find time for each other so you’ve got to make it happen one way or another


No advice, but if you stay together it will get better. Small kids make everything tougher. The day you and him can lay in bed on a Saturday morning because both kids can wake up themselves and make their own breakfast is a day to look forward to!


Once a month do date night. get a sitter or family/friend to watch LO.


Me and my husband have to wait till kid goes to bed and stay up later then planed but it’s a life saver about a few times a week we will stay up till like 12-1 so that we don’t forget about eachother it can be hard to balance life sometimes so got to find days or time we’re y’all can squeeze in time at one point I worked mornings came home my husband got ready and he worked evenings so we made sure to get days off together

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Just remember it’s not forever. The baby years will come and go and it’ll get easier.
Not that I would know that yet lol, we’re still in the baby years.

Maam i dont know how old you are but its like that when you try to raise a family.evidently you fond time because you are pregnant


Get that sitter once a month!
Then once a week, have a date at home.
A drink outisde, pizza in bed, he’ll, even doing chores together counts.
Have him sit with you while you soak in the tub, or shower.
Put some music on while doing dishes, dance in the kitchen or living room.
Have him put on those gray sweatpants, you put on his t shirt and some cute undies… you will be surprised how much just touching each other will help you reconnect.
And KISS each other! Not just a chicken peck, but take 5 seconds and REALLY kiss each other!
Your life will for sure only get crazier, I had 3 under 5, so I’ve been there.
But making it a point to reconnect is SO important.


I sat in the bathroom last night with my hubby while he shaved and showered.
Just finding those few minutes to steal away will make a difference.


And DO not feel bad about putting baby in the crib/ playpen to get those few minutes. Keeping your marriage healthy will keep your family healthy.


My hubby and I spend our time together when our 14 month old and almost 3 year old go to bed. Which is usually by 10pm. We make the best of anytime we get. Plus we have baby number 3 due at the end of august.

What Jessica McNaughton said!

Pick a day where you both have a fairly light (enough) load on your plate that you can put your little one to bed early, and have a romantic movie night. Just the 2 of you. I have a 3 year old boy atm and he is with me basically 24/7 so i feel your pain for not having the time alone that you need. I don’t think we’ve ever had a date night or someone to baby sit for the evening/night but MAYBE once or twice in 3 years we somehow managed like 3 hours away together. I know it sucks. And my son co sleeps with us (we’ve tried many many times to get him into his own bed… No luck yet) so it’s truly a struggle when it comes to keeping your relationship alive and happy, I’ve always been jealous of friends whose parents would give them breaks for things like this. But i think we’ve gotten so used to it now that we don’t even stress ourselves out about it. Every night we lay in bed and watch movies together, and just try to do simple things like that whenever the opportunity arises. These years will def go. by fast and before you know it you will have so much time for the just 2 of you that you won’t even know what to do with each other :joy: you will probably miss the craziness of raising babies and the feeling of being exhausted from putting all your energy into the little human you created. I know this probably isn’t helping much for what you are looking for… But if you really want some time for the 2 of you the only other way that will happen is with help from someone outside of your marriage. Start looking for a baby sitter that you trust or mom friends who will hold play dates and sleep overs and share turns with each other guarantee your not the only mommy that you know who feels the sane way and is looking for the same help! Not only Will it be good for you but it’s always great for the kids to start learning how to socialize and adjust to spending time without you. Makes it so much easier when they are going into school or day care it won’t be as traumatizing since they will already know that mommy will always come back for them! Like they say “it takes a village to raise a child!” Sounds like it might be time to start finding your village :heart: your tribe :heart::heart: good luck hope something in here will help!

What my husband and I do is Friday night after the kids go to bed we make a pile of blankets on the floor get snacks That we like and watch a movie together. We are in the same boat. Don’t have a lot of people to watch our kids either. So trying to find time for just us 2 is hard.

My kids are 1 and 2 and let me tell you, nothing entertains them more than a big cardboard box :joy: Like, seriously. I gave them a box a few days ago and they’ll pay in for over an hour.

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When we realize it has been weeks since we’ve had intimate time, we put our daughter to bed early after a really big meal and we spend time together. We cuddle, watch a movie, get touchy, show each other the funny memes we’ve found, etc.

We have what some might say is a early bedtime for our kids. We do this for a few reasons but one big reason is it gives hubby and I at least an hour together every night. We talk, unwind, and watch something that we couldn’t watch with kids around. We also plan out date nights. Because of Covid we are planning a week without the kids. The kids get to see grandparents and we get much needed recovery and together time.