I've been feeling dizzy since birth: Advice?

So I had a healthy pregnancy, but since birth, I’ve been feeling really sick. Its been three months, and I’m nauseous and very dizzy and tired all the time so far; the doctors can’t find anything wrong is this normal? I’m a FTM, so I’m not sure how to post-birth is suppose to be.


As your doctor for a referral to a specialist

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Did they check your iron? I had VERY low iron after birth and they weren’t even sure why since I hadn’t lost much blood


Definitely not normal.
Are you breastfeeding? Are you eating and drinking enough to support breastfeeding? Your sugars may be low.
Or you could have low iron. I’d definitely be calling your doctor and telling them you want bloodwork to check your iron levels.


Have your iron checked

Definitely go see your doctor. You might be short vitamins. If you’re breast feeding maybe dehydration? Are you eating enough? Again PLEASE, see your doctor. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

Sounds like low iron

If you stopped taking prenatal, keep up. Most likely deficient in a vitamin. Are you breastfeeding? Getting enough water? Did you have an epidural?

I felt this way after birth but I had preeclampsia. I would def talk to your dr you could be low on iron. If you are breastfeeding be sure to stay hydrated my lactation nurse told me to triple whatever amount I use to drink.


Check your iron an THYROID LEVELS!!

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If you can’t get answers from your Ob/ Gyn or PMD, get a 2nd opinion. Make sure to get your hemoglobin checked for anemia- you may be low in iron/ potassium, other vitamins. Go get rechecked, please. Baby needs you!

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I had that after my 4th. Drs gave me meds that didnt help. I went to the chiropractor a few times and it was gone. I had disks out of place in my neck pinching my nerve. Good luck

Make sure you drink enough water and nutrients if you are breastfeeding.

You should see an ENT, I actually had this problem before pregnancy and was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease surprisingly since being pregnant and having my daughter I haven’t had these issues but a simple water pill helped balance it out while I did. I had to stop taking it when I found out I was pregnant and was nervous it would start again but it didn’t thankfully.

I went in because I felt so sick every day and exhausted and they told me I had post partum depression.

Could be lack of sleep? Combined with breastfeeding? I felt the same, like waves of dizziness, like standing up too fast type feeling, but randomly, mine was a mix of lack of sleep, breastfeeding, low iron, and not eating enough, I was eating well, but just not enough of it.

Iron deficiency is one reason why expecting and new moms experience dizziness. Could also be potassium, sugar levels or you’re lacking sleep/rest. You might want to check with the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins.

Chiropractor! I get dizzy spells every so often and it’s alwaysssss due to my neck.

Sounds very much like low iron. I’ve had low iron all my life and after all 3 of my births, I’ve had to go on iron pills for awhile to maintain and keep up my supply