I've got some serious issues in my relationship. Can people share how to know if your relationship is toxic?

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If you have to ask if it’s toxic it more than likely is. :heart:


If you have that awful nagging feeling that you feel in your gut . . .

What the heck does this have to do with nails? Or is she having her nails done too much or less?? :roll_eyes:


If You asked these question to people, did you ask your self, you did!!! That’s right it is

If u need to ask if it’s toxic, maybe it’s toxic. But from what I went through, here are some pointers, if they want to control you, they’ll make you feel guilt for ANYTHING, distance yourself from your friends and family

Sounds like you know the answer to your question.

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Always trust your instincts no matter how hard someone tries to make you question them. (Or yourself) A healthy minded individual will stop (or do whatever they need to do in order to stop) hurtful/harmful behavior as soon as they know it’s hurtful.(Nobody can read minds. We need to set and be up front with personal boundaries). If one makes excuses, blame shifts, denies etc…that means they’re not taking responsibility for their own actions/words. Trust your instincts. They’re rarely wrong.