I've had issues with my mom my entire life: Advice?

So have had issues with my mum since I can remember. Treated differently to siblings always classed as the bad child/mistake! I wasn’t allowed out play with friends siblings got treated much better than me even now we all adults I’m definitely the odd one out etc anyway I was attacked aged 14 long story short it went to court and I was awarded compensation; I was underage she’s had the money and never gave it to me! Loads of blackmailing and arguments I just left it alone couldn’t cope with stress had two kids myself young. It well turns out she’s has managed to convince my great aunt to leave everything! She passed a few years ago, and my mum’s siblings and family are just finding this out now as there having issues themselves with my mother regarding their father! The bit that’s hurting me the most is that it says on the paperwork that if my mum is to die, the money should go to listing all my sibling’s names but not mine. It confirms to me how heartless this woman is. I’m ashamed to call her my mum! I’m a mother myself and could not imagine making one of them feel how I felt my whole life. The money that was awarded to me after the attack in 2004 have I got a chance to fight for it, or is it too late? I don’t want anything else from here, just what she has taken from me