Just needed to vent about Thanksgiving drama

Who else has Thanksgiving drama? I can’t be the only one. Let’s see if you can top this… My boyfriend was going to propose to me in front of my family at Thanksgiving. He told his friend, who is my sister’s boyfriend. Well, apparently, my sister got news of this, and she decided to take the spotlight and tell everyone she was pregnant…even though the original plan was to tell them at Christmas. We even got cute ornaments made for her. She has a history of trying to take the spotlight from me, and it’s so annoying. My boyfriend ended up proposing to me later that night and told me about my sister and her boyfriend told her. I kinda just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.


First if all, f your sister. She’s a hater.


I feel your pain. Family can be the worst sometime.


Don’t worry, you both still love each other, and will get your big day to enjoy it with your friends and family.

My sister was jealous of me being pregnant so she stole my son’s babybook that has ultrasounds in it to act like she was pregnant during the holidays a couple years back.:woman_facepalming: sister’s can be trash and act on jealousy.


Sounds jealous to me

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Yeah we don’t talk to my husband family. We are alone this year we put a stop to all the drama one of he girl cousins have caused for a very long time n with all that all the family was included . Even he’s mom my kids grandma. N I’m sorry for your situation your sister is a little brat

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Ok… But like why couldn’t your family have 2 awesome things to celebrate that day?? It’s awesome she is pregnant and it’s awesome you are engaged. Like fuck sake why MAKE it drama? This goes for the sister too.

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In the future he shouldn’t tell his friend things. Clearly he can’t be trusted not to unknowingly ruin a surprise.


I see what your sister was doing but ah well. She’s pregnant, yay. You’re engaged yay. Vent away but let that ish go because being the bigger person might be tough but it’s definitely more rewarding because you won’t care about juvenile things like that.

:heart: Congestions.


Don’t let her spoil your happiness. She sounds like a petty bitch.

I didnt have drama bc i stayed home and didnt risk the rona :rofl: sounds like you should! did the same. Way more relaxing.


Family can be such a pain. We were uninvited to Thanksgiving bc of my sister. But Congratulations on your engagement!! I’m sorry your sister got in the way of your amazing moment :heart:

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I don’t understand why both things couldn’t happen… since when did we get so petty that only one exciting announcement can happen per family gathering?


That’s okay my sister decided to have her baby shower 2 days after scheduled c section… and I had to apologize to her :roll_eyes:
For how I approached the situation.

My c section ended up happening 2 weeks early but still… sisters suck.


You can either listen to what I’m gunna say or not.
Live and enjoy the biggest moments in private.
No need for an audience to propose. No need for an audience to announce a pregnancy, no need for an audience to reveal the gender of your baby.
It’s nice to share the big news with the people we love, whether they are family or friends, but if are the kind of person that loves attention, you won’t get to enjoy those private moments with your future husband.
This way you decide what kind of energy you want around your news.


It’s ok to be upset with your sister…but just remember God could call her home a any moment, is it worth fighting about…love trumps hate, angry, and jealousy. Regret will feel worse.


Get over it… is this really the kind of thing that people let occupy their minds :roll_eyes:


I feel ya. Anymore I despise family gatherings bc of shit like this. But this Thanksgiving is going to be the last one I have with my in laws bc we are moving out of state. So I just went along with it. But it takes a lot of be chill in situations like that for me.

Congratulations to both of you :woman_shrugging:t2: I mean why do you both need your own spotlight? Be the bigger person and be happy for her & happy for your fiancé and you & move on, let it be known to her that you’re not letting her get to you.