Just needing a little encouragment to get through the day

Hi, my name Amy. Today hasn’t been easy; I’ve just been feeling defeated by so much. My kids are so amazing to me, no matter how bad I feel. I feel horrible that they have to see me like this…I am very sensitive to pretty much everything. I hate that I feel that way every day. I don’t have my parents around. Not that they’re gone, it’s just that we don’t talk as much anymore ever since they both moved on with their lives. I was wondering if I could get some encouragement to help me get through the day. Thank you so much


Thank God for well placed angels, kids can be angels too. Breath and do what you can and put a pin in what you cant .

Your doing the best you can and you are the best mama you can be u will get through this …I am wishing you the best n u got this

You are strong,beautiful and worthy! You are the world to your children.

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Whats really wrong amy. What are you missing in your life.

I say this all the time and then I continue to tell myself to think positive. Remember our minds believe what we tell it. So tell your mind to think positive on all levels

I dont know u but 12 years ago I went home alone with a newborn a 1 year old a 2 year old a 8 year old and a 15 year old no money felt so defeated but I had friends who helped me through it so just know you will get through this just do the best you can I wish you happiness and good luck !!!

Don’t give up stay strong g I ywish you the best
U can do it

Stay strong, you have your lovely kids and they need you, make more time to see them and have some fun nites as a family, and let them know how you feel, it will make all the difference to you all :sparkling_heart: God bless xxxx

Sending you love & prayers of peace & comfort. Tomorrow is another day. This too will pass. Try making a blessings list, it always helps me when I’m down

Remember to take things one moment at a time…and if that’s too rough… Try one min or one Second at a time…try and only think about what is going on in that particular moment…turn on some music you love and dance around like a fool with your kids… It will help you and be fun For them as well…take a deep breath and and remember there is always Something to be Thankful for… If ya want a fun project… Tape everyone thumbs down… And try to do differant activities like tying your shoes etc… Afterwards… You will be greatful that you have thumbs lol… And get some good laughs also… Think outside the box… Do something fun… Messy and crazy with the kiddos… Like paint g with your toes etc…hang tough… Some days are better than others and life can be down right roughr

Hold your head high and know that your ready to tackle anything, your a momma and that in itself is your reward for whatever life throws your way!! Stay strong, stay fierce, and just do the best you can. Remember your human, and sometimes it’s ok to not be ok.

You will be fine. Do something that makes you happy because you deserve it. Talk to your friends, play with your kids. All mothers go through a breaking point in their lives regardless of the reason but you’re a mother you have that superpower in you and eventually, things will be alright. I feel you deeply and know that you are not alone. Stay strong and believe that things will get better.

You sound like a strong person you can get through this . Get help from your doctor if you haven’t already

Somedays are better than others…just keep showing up mama…you got this…from one Amy to another :heartpulse::muscle:

Talk to them on phone, I am sure they miss you.

You need to seek help! Therapy or medicine, whatever will help you! Do this for you!! You deserve to be happy too, momma. Anxiety and depression affects parents too! We are human beings just like everyone else. You deserve happiness too. You deserve to be freed from your shackles

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God will challenge you. Put your trust in him and he will lead.

I get that way too. I don’t know your religious status but prayer helps me. Try to take things one at a time. One day at a time.

Your children love you. That’s a plus.
Is there a neighbor, friend, pastor, co worker, spouse/significant other you can talk with.
But please know that yes Facebook is here. But we don’t know you as well as those close to you.
Perhaps reach out to your patents. Or is there a former teacher that can guide you.
I’m an OLD mama, so this is a long post. Been there done it.