Just needing to rant about parenting

My two year old son is pushing me beyond what’s left of my sanity. He throws things when he’s mad, he’s the pickiest eater, climbs all over me, throws the biggest fits over the tiniest things, and he’s picking up bad habits from his sister. My daughter is five and is one of the drama queens. She will throw herself onto the ground because I won’t let her have a grape drink when I’ve already poured the milk that she asked for. Things are definitely getting harder every single day. And daddy isn’t much of a helper. He cooks and fixes things around the house, but that’s all he will do—the rearing of the children, laundry, house cleaning, and bedtime.

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Spank em. Or put them in time out. They dont take you serious.


Typical terrible 2s. But the daddy needs to be firm with him too.

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I personally say a tap on the butt or hand will fix that! I have 4 boys and no i never beat or hit them but if I had to smack a hand or a cuffed hand over the butt to make it seem louder it def made them knock it off fast! Terrible twos turn into terrible thirtys try time out also. Trust me their feelings will be more hurt from a spank than they are hurting your feelings.

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My daughter at one point started knocking things over when she turned 2 so when she did that we said we don’t do that and go to your room to calm down then after she was calm she could join us again.

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You need a vacation that is normal for 2yr olds. Walk away from the fits.

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It’s normal to a degree. The 5 year old needs discipline, boundries and consequences as well as the 2 year old. YOU are the parent! Stay firm and consistent.


Whoop her ass and put her on the naughty step

Sounds like terrible 2s to me :woman_shrugging:t2: and your daughter sounds like a typical dramatic little girl lol. My daughter is 3 and she’s the most dramatic thing in the world.

As they say, the days are long but the years are short. Especially when you have a two year old. We’ve all survived on a last nerve many a days. You can make it mama.

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Your son is frustrated because he doesn’t know how to express what he feels he needs in the moment. If you teach him by getting down at his level, speaking kindly and acknowledge how he feels you can then help he to understand what he really wants and how to get it. This will teach him to be able to regulate his own emotions. Please don’t spank him. That just teaches him his feelings are not valid and that the one person who he should be able to trust will physically hurt him at the exact time he needs her support, understanding and assistance. It is a challenging process but the end results are worth it. Same with your daughter, acknowledge her feelings, calmly set the boundaries and then allow her to chose her next step. This process teaches children how to regulate and how to make good decisions rather than just telling them what the decision will be. As for daddy, time for an honest conversation. Remember we teach others how to treat us by accepting their behaviours.


Consistency is key. Stand firm on the rules. No, you cannot climb on me. This is supper, if you don’t like it, don’t eat (kids will not starve themselves. They refuse to eat it because they know you will give in) Don’t throw in the house. Set firm consequences for these actions and do not deviate. Not even once.

Punish them and stick with it. The second you give in they will run all over you.

They need discipline!!! Not time out or a reward system…

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Welcome to the world of a toddler my daughter is 3 and behaves this way daily with no influence from noone but myself he will outgrow it hopefully well I’m hopin my daughter does lool…good luck

Here is a novel idea. This is how I raised mine. SPANK THAT BUTT. My oldest had one temper tantrum in her whole life. My grand kids don’t have them. They are just not allowed.


Who is the parent? Kids don’t forgive parents who fail at disciplining them. Take that job seriously. It is not a joke.


Yessh . Wait til hes 6 it does not get better.
But discipline should be enforced, definitely. And you need a break.
Leave kids with dad and go for a drive.

Bust his ass, I am not saying to beat him, but sounds like a good spanking is in order!!!

You got this just remember you are doing the best you can do and you are amazing for it and when they are teenagers you get to ruin their life just for being a parent that what helps me through ill call it parental payback lol