Just needing to rant about parenting

You need to start now with some rules. You have already set an example by letting your daughter become a drama queen.90 % of a young child’s behavior is set by not having consequences for their actions. The main thing is if you set a rule and it’s broken there is a consequence and it has to be followed. Example, child throws something the rule is time out or can’t watch 15 minutes of favorite show or no video time. Just follow thru. On same theory keep a “good chart” so many hours to begin with get a reward, then move to days. Al9t depends on child’s age. Children are way smarter than most parents want to believe and are very manipulative. Be strong set rules, follow thru! You are the parent!!! Otherwise your struggles have just begun. Take control and take care!


Hang in there Mama!! It will pass… eventually. My 3 year old just went through a phase like this and I didn’t think I would survive. I did, and we are through it and it’s better. Hang tough!

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5 kids here. You need to talk to dad he has got to do the rearing. Especially with the son. Just my opinion. Kids listen to dad wayyyy better

About sure your text 10 years from now will make this seem minor! Hang in there mama.

I feel this entirely. I’m a single mama to a very independent, sassy, strong willed little girl. Lord help me :family_woman_girl:merry Christmas mamas :heart::christmas_tree:

Hang in there, there are not any answers, but will pray for you! Just keep swimming!

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Use some TLC, it works

Being a mommy is such hard work but so rewarding. I hope you catch a break and some mommy time. Hang in there :heart:

He learns from what he sees. Control the 5 year old and you will see a big change.

Read the whole brain child and all the books written by the author.

It gives examples and why on how to handle all things kids 12 and under.
It was a wonderful tool for me and I was able to see immediate results

Kids will only do what they are allowed todo

Daddy needs to step up.

So I know right now is tough because of covid. I have a 2 year old so I as many know what you are going through. If she asks for milk and then wants juice. And throws a fit I just set it on the table or floor and I just say we’ll you asked for milk thats all we have and then calmly walk away, Sit down and don’t show them that it bothered you. With your son what ever he throws pick it up and say its mine now thank you for the new toy. You may at the end of the day have all of his toys but he will learn. I do both of those with my daughter. Where its cold here in Kentucky she can’t go out to run her energy off and with covid she can’t go play with other kids so I think that’s the problem with most kids. If she throws a fit over nothing Nd trust me I know this is hard but I just let her. I give her time to figure it out for herself most of the time she calms down on her own. I choose my battles alot to me its not worth getting up set because she decides to wear her pjs all day. Just be patient. I agree with the person to get them checked out to make sure it’s not medical. But I do believe that staying home and not being able to do alot is a big part in this. Good luck

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Start being the Parent and Stop trying to be their friends. You’ll get that time when they become adults, but for now, you Need to be the “Parent”!!!

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Jamie Justice finally some good sound advice. Jamie you have reaffirmed my faith that there is still good common sense Parenting out there in this world. I was getting worried with the way the country was heading and I truly believe it’s because of parents that had absolutely no idea on how to be parents and were more concerned about being their BFF
Thank you :pray:

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Walk away, pay no attention. They’ll stop. A little attitude adjustment wouldn’t hurt either.


Look up and read up on Love and Logic. It’s like magic. Best parenting advice ever.

Change you ; you are the problem you cannot negotiate with terrorists . you have no boundaries watch super nanny and be loving discipline and be consistent not lazy and do not try to buy your kids and control them they are humans & they need guidance and kids are a direct product of there environment . you use direct commands when speaking to children and few words do this now sit on the naughty chair 3 min and walk away have a ridged schedule . and kids will eat when there Hungary & if you didn’t give in to there screaming fits then they wouldn’t be having them . don’t buy any more junk food never bring it in your house . if your kids are fat and unhealthy that’s the mother’s fault you bring home the food you prepare it you it’s all you & you can do this mom . your kids will love you more for loving yourself enough to say no . no amount of guilt will make your kids have dads or you be rich kids need loving guidance they need to know right from wrong teach them boundaries . I know all this because i was a bad mom i wanted my son to never be hurt or disappointed & i taught him to be a jerk and manipulation and i taught him every bad behavior in the world & i taught myself hate i hated him and i hated myself because I genuinely hated him & i blamed him and i had no idea i was his only problem . and i hurt him i cussed him was mean was judgemental and degrading to him and i thought he was stupid and i told him that without even speaking the words & i took him to drs they say adhd but he wasn’t he had the worlds worst mom ever because his mom “me” was raised beaten and tortured by a narcissist mother & I tried to over correct my childhood raising . since then I have taken 10 parenting classes there free by the way & asking for help and using the tools learned until you find the thing that works for your family just never give up . it takes 30 days to create a new healthy habit & if you do not change yourself now your kids are doomed to keep repeating the cycle of abuse & “people pleasing” is the worst abuse you can do to children people pleasing leads to narcissistic rage this is child abuse and gas lighting . no means no you don’t have to explain yourself to children you are the adult . if they act a fool in public then leave shopping cart take them home and put them in naughty chair be consistent .

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Time to open a can of whoop ass :+1:

They continue it because it’s allowed and not taken seriously or it wasn’t nipped in the bud early on.
You have to show you’re the parent

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