Living with my mother in law and just needing to vent

I really just need to vent. I, my son, and my bf of almost three years are currently living with his parents. We are working on getting a place, but it’s been a slow process. His dad is as cool as hell. But his mother… This woman treats her son and husband like shit. They’re used to it, I guess, but living here and seeing it has driven me nearly insane. We buy food and stuff for the house and help any way we can while also saving for a place and now Christmas and taking care of my son. Nothing is ever good enough for her, though. Bills are constantly behind as is her car payment, which is ruining her husband’s credit, but it’s always someone else fault even though she’s the one taking the bill money to go on shopping sprees and spending tons at the bingo hall all the time. Their house has so many problems like the oven and central heat not working along with half the outlets, but she refused to get the landlord to fix anything, and it’s always a different reason why and she has let us know that if we contact the landlord ourselves, then she will kick us out. Every time she walks into the house, she starts bitching at someone for something. Never fails. She fusses about our cat making noise at night after she’s the one who got it for us as a surprise, but let’s her little dog do whatever and won’t even take him outside or clean up after him, so we have to constantly be on the lookout for pee puddles and dog shit that she just stares at until someone else cleans it. I am losing my mind!!! Talking to her doesn’t work. Facts don’t work. Arguing with her doesn’t work. There isn’t much I can do about any of it except keep saving and get out of here as soon as possible, but until then, please dear lord pray for us! I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown or something before this over.


I would live under a damn bridge before I moved in with my parents, his parents, or anyone’s parents. Sorry not sorry. you live mixed, you gotta take the bumps.

On the day you move out just slap her with a wad of cash and cut ties.


Prayers and lots of them

There really isn’t much you can do but get out! And asap!


Forget Xmas! Use the money to move!


Miserable people love to make people miserable along with them.

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Breath, and just breath again

Move, and take the father with u!! Leave her ass alone, lol

Is there anyone else in his or your family that you guys can stay with and save up

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Seems to me like somebody needs to put thier foot down

Be grateful you have a place to stay.


She sounds like a narcissist everything you said is her doing. Obviously, she’s not going to change so just move it along and move out ASAP.


Somebody needs to say something to her… Omg

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Get out of there! Seriously drives me crazy when grown adults move in with parents to save up for a house! Grow up!


She is an attention seeker. Nothing more.

Sounds like she may have a gambling & shopping addiction. Chances are good she’s behind on rent as well.

Get yourselves out & independent quickly & tell husband he better get her some help before he & the son end up homeless & hungry over it.

Absolutely get OUT NOW not later, don’t wait to save. Rent a short lease Apartment. Go stay with a friend or Rent a small place temporarily… Get put ASAP dont wait Just GOooo…


Praying for you. Hope you get your own place real soon

So many questions, do you work, do you clean the house, do you pay rent. How long have you lived there, maybe she plays bingo to get away from you. Maybe dad said sure live there ( that’s why you think he’s super cool ) and mom said hell no and you ruined their marriage.