Looking for a girl name that starts with G

What is a unique girl name that starts with G?


I went to school with a girl named Gena pronounced like Jenna I thought it was cute…

Gertrude , deffo unique !


My great grandmother had the most beautiful name…Gwendolyn :sparkling_heart:


Gianna… cute nickname GiGi

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Genesis Ginise Gillian

Gianna, Ginger, Geri. I know ladies with these G names…

Gloria and Gwendolyn (Gwen)

I named my daughter Gloria, not many kids have that name anymore!

Gina, Grace, or Gretchen…Gretel

Gabrielle, Gaira, Galiana, Gardinia, Gazella, Gavina, Gaspara, Geneva,

Gayatri meaning knowledge

Gracyon ( southern )

Grace, Gloria, Gina, Gigi, Giselle

Genevieve, Giselle, Genesis, Gigi

Giselle, Gail, Greta, Gloria,

Gemma i love :heart_eyes:. (Pronounced like a J)

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Gracie Georgia gypsie

I work with an awesome girl named Georgette. Love her name!

Gracie, Gabriella (Gabby)