Looking for gender reveal ideas

We are pregnant with baby number 3. We have a girl and a boy already so this one is going to be a surprise. Because we can’t have visitors at the hospital, we want to do something cool or fun at the hospital for a gender reveal. I’ve looked on Pinterest and can’t find any ideas. Does anyone have any cold or fun ideas?


Bring a pink onesie and a blue onesie and have the nurse put on the one that the baby is. Or like a girl bow or a baby boy tie.


Celebrate a healthy baby and stop celebrating pointless genders?


Don’t burn down half a state :+1:t2:


A colored stuffed animal


We had someone put paint in water pistols and our other kids shot them at the same time onto a canvas


Picture Baby in just diaper and hospital blanket neural. Group text, Facebook whatever, let them guess. Next Picture in pink or blue. Also could be done with cards they put on baby’s bed. With everything

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I think you should go with simple and subtle swaddle blanket as your statement.

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Just go live on FB and show the baby wrapped in whatever color lol

Put a sign in the window and let ppl who are local come by and find out for themselves


Get matching mom and baby girl or dad and baby boy outfits and post a picture dressed up together!

I think you should wrap the baby in a yellow gender neutral color blanket swaddled and post a pic online and have ppl guess by the pic… and then dress them up a few hrs later and reveal the sex.


Just tell people what it is. I truly do not get the point of gender reveals honestly… if you truly want to do one just make a white cake then poke holes in it put blue or pink frosting in the holes then frost the whole cake with half pink and half blue and when you bite into the cake there you go you know the gender… do black balloons with blue or pink confetti and pop them…

Just take a video of dad announcing the gender when it comes out

Gender is irrelevant. A healthy baby is what is important.

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Just say “it’s a (insert gender here)”

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We plan to announce the gender to everyone by taking a photo of them dressed up in a certain pattern/color swaddle and a “hello my name is” sticker on it

I posted on FB what I was having.
Got some likes and moved on.

Bring champagne glasses & either pink or blue liquid (colored water, juice) Take a picture of you & SO toasting with baby in the basinette as the backdrop.

Wear the color appropriate mask in a picture while holding baby.

Bring a big pink or blue. Take a pic of it on baby.

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My sister and brother in law like fantasy. I bought a dragon incense holder and burned a blue smoke bomb inside so the blue smoke poured out of the dragon’s mouth.