Looking for gender reveal ideas

How about just sending a text or posting it on Facebook? These gender reveals are starting to get way out of hand

Do the pic of the baby with his or her name and birth info on the peg board looking thing. Cute, simple, and shared on social media so you dont have what will feel like 150 phone calls for all the same info. Obviously the people who are “most” important to you or your hubby can rcv a phone call, but after giving birth we mommas are tired! Lol

Something on your hospital room window…people could drive by and see your announcement (if your room has a window!)

Healthy, that’s all that Matters!! GET OVER YOURSELF…

Wow, what a bunch of party poopers in here…
Have your other kids do 2 separate recordings announcing each gender, and post the appropriate video after the baby is born :slight_smile:


Just text everyone. Or do a zoom meeting. Gender reveals are dumb.

If it’s cold where you are; blue or pink snowflakes coming from tophat of a snowman :blush:


Buy a shirt that says little brother or sister

Let them find out when they see it at home

How about if you just say its a boy or its a girl.

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Get the window foam stuff in the color and fill a part of the window

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Wait tell you get home and post info on FB or Zoom. Only tell greandparents, aunts, uncles, and children while at hospital. With Covid and everything else going on at the hospital it would be best to wait until you are home and have rested.