Looking for other mamas who have taken wellbutrin while breastfeeding

Looking for moms who have taken the prescription Wellbutrin while breastfeeding. I had my second child this past July and have been struggling a lot with anxiety, causing me to not sleep at night and snap at my 4-year-old a lot. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin because I’ve taken Zoloft before and didn’t like it. Because I already have anxiety, I’m struggling with the anxiety of taking it and passing on side effects to my baby. Both the doctor and the pharmacist said it’s safe, but I’m still worried after googling, and It would make me feel better to hear from others that he taken it while breastfeeding. Thank you!


I took this after I had my first child and I was breast feeding and no side affects for my son. He is 11 now still no side affects. Also took it with my last daughter while pregnant and breast feeding and no side affects. My daughter is a year old no side affects. You need to stay healthy for your baby.

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As a mom it’s hard to remember to care for ourselves first. That’s fantastic that you are able to nurse along with caring for your toddler. These are trying times, on many levels. I was on Wellbutrin while pregnant and nursing our last child. He is 13 and thriving well. Congratulations on your baby!!

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It’s risk vs benefit. You need to take care of yourself so that you can carry this baby to the best of your ability.

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I took it with my 2nd child, pregnant and breastfeeding, I haven’t noticed any issue, she’s 2 now, but I was only able to breastfeed her for 4 months

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I’ve been taking it for almost 11 months while breastfeeding.

It’s safe, I took it. My ivf dr said it was safe too along with the obgyn

I haven’t been on those but was on other medication when my daughter was born and nursing. I had a tough pregnancy which added to my anxiety coupled with insomnia. I don’t regret it for a second and it helped me be a better mum. Give them a chance, they take weeks to settle down and have any real effect as the first few weeks can be a rollercoaster :roller_coaster: I was worried too but I spoke to a specialist pharmacist (im in the UK) who went through the science of it all and with my meds there was minimal passed into the milk and I could avoid it by timing medication and feeds, definitely ask a lactation expert as they will explain the science behind it to help combat your anxiety. Also try complimentary stuff too, its important to have self care even with a new baby!! Ask for help and take it when offered because you deserve to be happy and healthy too. It took me a few months but with time and some self love I was able to work through many of my fears and come off medication safely. Good luck and big hus

I’ve been on Zoloft throughout my pregnancy (at reduced levels) and while bf for 9 months so far. Ultimately, it was more important that I be able to be present and mentally well/able to support my child and help him grow than to risk being off meds. Formula is also an option - fed is best, regardless of the source of the nutrition, especially if you’re concerned about side effects. The potentially severe ‘side effects’ of severe anxiety, depression, etc., without medication would have been more disastrous for me and my family than the potential side effects of the meds, IMO.

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I’ve taken it and it was way better than the other stuff my dr put me on never was in my bbys system after bf

You don’t want to listen to a Dr. but you’ll listen to Google and “other” people…:unamused: