Looking for unique baby boy names!

We have just recently found out we are pregnant with baby boy #2 & have been trying to think of unique names that start with the letter T that also flow nicely with his big brother’s name Truth. Just wondering if any parents out there have any ideas on some unique hardly heard of names as I’m stuck


Thomas Theodore
Tyler Tristan
Timothy Tucker
Thiago Tanner
Tobias Theo
Titus Travis
Tyson Troy
Trevor Tate
Trenton Taylor
Tony Trey
Ty Tatum
Titan Trent
Thaddeus Tristen
Tripp Terry
Tomas Tommy
Talon Terrance
Toby Trace
Tadeo Terrence
Thatcher Terrell
Tristian Turner
Tyrone Tyree
Torin Truman
Todd Taj
Tyrell Thorin
Teagan Tayden
Tzvi Tariq
Triston Truett
Tristin Tahj
Trystan Tiago
Tevin Tylan
Tiberius Tru
Trevon Teo
Thor Teddy
Theron Tom
Tyrese Taha
Taylen Tobin
Triton Tegan
Terence Tenzin
Tamir Tyrus
Treyson Tylen
Tyshawn Tremaine
Tristyn Tamim
Tytus Talan
Tarik Taim
Timur TRUE
Truth Tyce
Tye Tyron
Takoda Teegan
Tre Tarek
Ted Tidus

Trust, Tobe or Toby, Tide, Talil, Trey, Teddy

Turner Tibal Trytin Trooper Tanner

I named all mine with J bad mistake always called the wrong name

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look under native names


Theodore from little women. Call him teddy for short

Tobiah, Tarek, Troy, Timber, Trinity, Tamir,

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pidyong putol
erning bakal
sendong kirat
gayong hika
lupeng bagsik


thor , tait, tylnn, titan , tray.

Tally, Treat, Triumph, Talon, Trey, Trust

Trad, Tharin, Thorp, Tye

My nephew is named Tristan

Tripp, Tryston, Teague, Thad

Tristan… that’s my nephew’s name…

It’s the name my husband and I were going to use but we had girls instead lol
It means “poet” and is pronounced tige…like tiger but without the r

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Teagan is a unisex name and you can spell it many different ways.

Thien Theron Tilden Tarek Thane